3 Things to Remember About Blogging and Using Video

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Sometimes we focus so much on everything about our Vlogging efforts that we forget about the basics.  Other times we never learned the basics and skipped ahead to advanced Vlogging.  Unfortunately both of these can result in your Blog and Vlog posts not getting as much attention as they should.  Here are 3 things that you should always remember to include when blogging and using video as well as tools you may want to check out.

Take a screen shot of the front of the video

Many people know that they go to your blog for the videos on it.  If you don’t have videos, they may not come at all.  The goal is to hear and watch you talk about the topic of your site or to find a new video about a topic they are interested in.  Unfortunately not every social media site will pick up a video as an image that is relevant for the topic of the post.  Because of this you’ll want to take a screen shot of the video or a part of the video that you enjoyed or that you think will grab someone’s attention.  You can then use it in the post. blogging and using video Now when people see your post shared on social media sites, in the search results or even static pages on your blog; or even within Google search results, they have an image from your video that can help make them want to click through and watch the video.  Because video isn’t always picked up, you can also use a screen shot of something interesting from within the video and use it as the image for your post.

 Yoast for Video SEO

Yoast has quickly become the standard for SEO plugins for blogs.  What many people don’t know is that Yoast also have a video SEO plugin that you can buy starting around $69 as of today.  (The prices may change depending on when you are reading this post).

The Yoast Video SEO tool is just like it’s blog tool for SEO.  One of the biggest benefits of using this tool is that it can help guide you on how to get a video thumbnail to show up within the search results of Google.  They address this on the landing page (http://yoast.com/wordpress/video-seo/) for the Yoast Video SEO tool and they explain how it works.

The Yoast Video SEO Plugin takes the rich snippet and includes the video thumbnail.   Now when Google crawls the page it can find the video thumbnail might begin displaying it next to your search results within the search engine.  This could potentially mean more clicks and traffic for you.  It combines easily with the regular Yoast SEO tool for WordPress and is something that could definitely help benefit your Blog or Vlog if you currently are not getting video thumbnails to show up in the search results.

Repeat your website and social media accounts at least two or three times during the video

One thing that we can easily forget to do is to say, “Thank you again for watching.  For more information visit my website at (insert your url), follow me on twitter @inserttwittername or on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc… The you only need to include the account names or if possible, links to click through to find the accounts.  You can flash urls as you are saying it, have them go static across the screen or even use a tool like Viewbix to create a list with all of your accounts and have links that viewers can click on to find them.  If you choose to use Viewbix for this you can easily tell them to click on the list icon (and describe whichever icon you use) and they’ll be able to follow you across all channels.

There are so many things you worry about when doing a Blog or Vlog post.  clickable videoYou need think about your word count, tagging the post, do follow or no follow links and also if the content is really good enough.  Because you put so much into every post you can easily forget the basics.  By using the advice above and the tools when blogging and using video, you may be able to help get more search engine traffic by having video thumnails display, social media traffic by having an image in the results and also grow your following across channels by using a tool that makes your video interactive.


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