4 Reasons Free Content Giveaways Will Improve Your B2B Lead Generation

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B2B Lead Generation

As we start 2014, it’s becoming harder and harder to bring B2B leads to your site. With so many global businesses competing for attention, and the average time spent on a page dropping to only a few seconds, content marketers have to look for proven techniques for bringing in B2B leads. One of our favorite methods for generating B2B lead generation is giving away quality free content.
Free content giveaways can include infographics, white papers and other forms of content that your leads will be interested in. Using free content giveaways as part of your content marketing strategy is a great way to bring in business leads.  Here’s why…

1. It gives value to your future customers

Free B2B content giveaways give value to your future customer. Whether it’s an infographic about the latest happenings in your areas of expertise, a white paper on choosing the SAAS program for your business needs, or a coupon with money off your product, your content has value for your future customers. By giving your content giveaways freely, and not gating valuable giveaways for paying customers only, you’ll get the valuable time on your site that your competitors are fighting for. Check out Marketing Land’s take on the value of white papers.

2.You establish yourself as an expert in the field

When your business blog or site becomes the place for interesting and informative content about your field, you’ll be the established expert in your field. By producing white papers or infographics for your industry you’ll be the go-to place for people interest in learning more. These people are the leads that you’ve been out chasing through PPC or Facebook campaigns, except now they are coming to you. Make sure you keep information sources informational, don’t slip into a big sales push or you’ll risk turning your leads away.

3.It helps your SEO efforts

Google has made it clear that 2014 will be the year of quality, authoritative content. By offering quality free content in the form of white papers, infographics, and even blog posts which are informative and clear you’ll be ranked higher than your competitors. Giving away quality content, rather than gating it, means that it can be shared, increasing your reach and your search engine rankings.

4. Everybody likes getting something for free

When your business offers free content giveaways such as white papers, you’re giving your customers something valuable for free, and everybody likes a freebie. You’ve captured leads with your free content, now you just need to move them through your sales funnel to turn those early 2104 leads into early 2014 sales.

Good luck!

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