4 Reasons To Add A Youtube Video To Facebook Page

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Any company involved in Internet marketing should already be utilizing both YouTube and Facebook; however, there is a tendency to keep these two social media accounts separated, as if they were distinct and unconnected. Combining the two strategies is not only very easy, it can help you save time and resources while maximizing your results. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to add a YouTube video to Facebook.add youtube video to facebook page

There are four main reasons as to why you should add YouTube video to Facebook page:

1. Save Time

Adding a link to your Facebook profile is one of the fastest ways to share any type of information. Instead of uploading your video to both YouTube and Facebook, you can upload it just the one time and then share the content on your Facebook page. This can cut uploading time down by as much as half.

There are a number of ways to add YouTube video to Facebook page, the most simple of which is to simply like the content. There are also several Facebook applications you may wish to try if you are looking to receive other benefits such as tracking stats. These applications can be particularly useful for those who are frequently linking videos between their two accounts. Some interactive apps include a feature that allows viewers to share the video while it is still playing for even more rapid sharing.

2. Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Account

Sharing videos directly from YouTube to Facebook helps users easily find your YouTube account where they can find all the videos you published in the past. By clicking on the video, viewers are automatically taken to your YouTube account. This opens a new browser tab or window so your audience does not navigate away from your Facebook page.

Content on your Facebook page becomes pushed down and hidden over time as you add more content to your profile. By providing users with a link to your YouTube account, past videos do not become lost. Another advantage of a customize YouTube embed is that they do not take up much room on your profile so do not cause other content to be removed from view too quickly.

3. Link to Others’ Work Without Breaching Their Property Rights

You are not required to own the content when you add YouTube video to Facebook page. If you wish to post a video that you did not create, copyright is not breached whereas republishing a video directly through Facebook video upload could violate the intellectual property rights of the content’s owner.

4. Receive More Views

On Facebook, videos are more widely viewed than any other types of media. This is not only due to their popularity; Edgerank, a service used by the social media site, decides what posts automatically shows up on the news feed of users who are subscribed to your page. Edgerank prefers images and videos over any other types of post.

In addition, YouTube reports that more than 500 of their videos are watched on Facebook daily. This is because, while people like to share content, and videos are the most linked form of content of all. If the video is already on Facebook, users are even more likely find it and continue sharing. This increases your audience by the multitudes and allows you to join a wider community than can be found with your YouTube channel alone.

Do you add YouTube video to Facebook page? How has combining the two social media strategies helped you?

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