5 Tips for Creating a Great Video Series

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Creating a video series can offer many advantages over standalone videos.  Each episode allows you to delve deeply into topics and ideas while keeping the video short and relevant to a specific theme. This can keep your videos more focused, easier to find topic wise than trying to locate the information within a longer video and keep followers coming back for the next video in the series.  The individual videos can also give you more chances to rank in the search engines for the terms you want bringing in new traffic and possible sales or leads.  If your series ranks highly enough for relevant terms and gets enough comments, shares, etc…, viewers and the search engines may identify you as an authority on the topic which may help your videos to rank higher and give you extra exposure.  When you consider the signups, search result rankings, and authority that a great video series can bring your business, there is no reason not to get started with one.

1. Keep Your Episodes Consistent Without Being Boring

To let people know it is a part of a series, use the same opening mentioning which part in the series it is, the video from the day before and the video for tomorrow.  You may also want to use the same backgrounds or the same person to keep even more consistency for your viewers so they know it is still your series.  By having your videos be more recognizable, if the viewers enjoy them and see multiple videos when searching for a new topic, they may click on yours.   Branding is a huge part of consistency and building a following.  This does not mean that your format has to be rigid and unbending though.  Switching things up slightly from time to time can be fun for both the creator and audience.  For example, in this iPhone episode of Will it Blend?  the opening shot is the same as the normal series, except the video is filmed on an iPhone (that is facing impending doom).  Variations like these can give even long time viewers something unique and original to get excited about as soon as the video begins. Great Video Series

2. Let Your Viewers Know When to Expect the Next Video

Scheduling can and should be more rigid.  Try to keep to a fixed schedule, where a new episode is added daily, weekly, monthly, etc…  When updates are planned weekly, daily or monthly, your viewers know when to check back to watch more.  If you are not able to create a fixed schedule, you at least want to provide a date that your viewer can expect the next episode to come out.  Make sure you upload your video within these deadlines.  If you don’t then your followers may lose interest and stop coming back.

3. Keep Your Videos Short and Highly Focused

A huge benefit of a series is that it can allow you to go into very specific details of a product or service without spending much time on a general overview.  By keeping your videos short and concise, you can provide your viewers with quick and clear answers, suggestions and ideas.  If you want to cover a broader topic, you can split up the topic into a sub-series.  For example, to cover social media, one day do an episode on integrating your product with Facebook, the next day how to measure the results from the first campaign and then you can follow up with three more videos on how to further market your products on Facebook and refer back to the video on measuring results.  The next week you can repeat this with Twitter, Pinterest and other sites.   By dividing your videos into specific topics like this, you can help your viewer to know exactly which video to watch to quickly find the information they need instead of having to search through a giant video.

4. Give the Viewer A Reason to Subscribe

If you leave your viewer wanting more at the end of each video, they may be more likely to bookmark you or subscribe to your channel or newsletter.  To encourage this, try to end each episode with some kind of teaser, cliff hanger, or a preview of the next episode.  After giving something that will make the viewer want to come back, provide a call to action.  Something as simple as “Want to learn more about Blue Widgets?  Subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly updates” or “Don’t forget to come back tomorrow or get a reminder by subscribing when we talk about XYZ with product XYZ”.  These are ways that you can help to encourage people to sign up and follow you.  One thing to think about is trying to get people to subscribe to your newsletter instead of just to your channel.

If they subscribe to your newsletter you can remarket to them over and over without having to create newsletters, sell ad space and also have clickable calls to action that you can easily measure.  One thing you will want to mention is the frequency of the newsletters.  No one wants to be over emailed so explain the benefits and let them know how often they may receive emails from you.

5. Provide Easy and Access to Past Episodes

By making past episodes easily accessible to viewers, you may be able encourage them to watch your videos consecutively.  Within YouTube, making these episodes accessible is as simple as creating a playlist.  Outside of YouTube, you can use a player like Viewbix to stream one episode after another within a single player using the YouTube app.  Providing Viewbix players that stream your episodes at regular intervals, such as every week, every 5 episodes, etc…, can make it easier for your viewers to catch up on the episodes they missed, and enables them to share it with their friends, family and co-workers so that you can now have even more exposure to new potential customers and fans.

Another app you may want to look at is the list app.  If you have multiple video series that are relevant to eachother, you can use the list app to provide your viewers with links to the other series.  This can help to build your credibility as an expert and give them another reason to subscribe to you.

Creating a great video series instead of a long video can be a great way to keep your viewers engaged and gain subscriptions to your channels and newsletters.  You can go into more detail about specific topics instead of short bullets and they can also make it easier to keep viewers’ attention since they can be shorter in length and more targeted to their own interests.



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