6 Creative, 10-Second Hacks to Amplify Your Video Marketing

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Creative, 10-Second Hacks to Amplify Your Video MarketingHuman attention spans are fleeting – we’re officially tougher to entertain than goldfish. If your company is going to spend the thousands of dollars to produce a video, you need to be darn well sure that it’s going to attract eyeballs.

The ‘secret’ to success with video marketing is no secret at all – it’s in the subtleties. In addition to planning out your ‘big-picture’ campaign goals, prioritize the subtle yet high-impact tactics.

The beauty of the following 6 tactics is that they’re super easy to implement. Here’s what we mean:

Idea #1: Be Laser Focused with Your ROI Metrics

You can’t optimize what you can’t measure. You need to identify ROI metrics that are most valuable to your brand.  In addition to measuring video views, it’s important to focus on the following:

(1)  Engagement: how long people are watching the video?

(2)  Completion: what percent of the video is being watched?

(3)  Drop-off: at what point of the video are audiences bouncing?

(4)  Conversions: how many viewers are completing the desired action that you’ve specified?

Figure out what you want to accomplish, so you can work towards those goals. Are you looking to encourage sign ups to a product? Product purchases? Free trial downloads?

Understand what you want to do. Be clear in your marketing strategy.

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Idea #2: Optimize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is powerful for driving distribution. If you’re creating video for a marketing campaign, make sure that’s accessible. People spend hours killing time on YouTube, and you’ll never know what will pop. When something pops, audiences will want to see more. Be accessible.

For inspiration, take a look at video marketing firm Demo Duck’s YouTube channel. The company, across its uploaded videos, has more than 20,000 views. As we mentioned in the last section, however, views are only the first step to optimization.

demo duck

 Creating a YouTube channel, however, is only the first step. You need to optimize it by setting up touch points to (1) recruit subscribers and (2) send traffic to your website.

This process is easy. Ask audiences to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and link to your website.

demo duck 2Idea #3: Come Out of Hiding 

Make it easy to find your video. That’s where SEO comes in.

  • Start with Google’s Adwords Planner to research keywords that are relevant to your brand or industry. Use these keywords as part of your video’s title and meta-descriptions. Not sure where to start your search? Talk to your sales team and customers to figure out the words that prospects are using to describe your brand.
  • Transcribe your video content. Search engines don’t read what they can’t scan. Hire a transcription service to upload a script of your vides. That way, search engines can crawl – and index – your content.
  • Create a few different title variations that you can upload to different video distribution platforms.

Idea #4: Embed to Your Heart’s Content

Prerna Gupta, co-founder at intelligent music app developer Khush, recently wrote a compelling blog post describing her video marketing strategy. In total, this one article generated hundreds of shares and thousands of pageviews.

download app


The answer is simple — the content was exceptionally engaging. Throughout the body of the text are the videos that she created to inspire downloads to her apps.

Idea #5: Develop Crystal-Clear Calls to Action (CTA)

A CTA is as simple as a “learn more” or “subscribe now” button. It’s the action that you want your audiences to take after watching your video.

It needs to be obvious, to-the-point, and highly compelling.

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Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals, a service for vacation-goers, was able to generate a 13x ROI on its marketing video.

The secret?

CTAs were embedded directly within the marketing video so that audiences could take immediate action and book rentals.

Action events can also be forms, photos, music, maps, and directions – what’s most important is that you choose goals that help move audiences through the conversion funnel.

Idea #6: Target Mid-Funnel Audiences

Today’s consumers are highly self-directed. They want to do research – and learn about a product – before they take out their credit cards and make a purchase.

If you’re pushing direct sales, you’ll risk losing this valuable audience – people who may be likely to convert later rather than sooner.

Instead of missing out on this audience altogether, focus on capturing leads that you can nurture through newsletter campaigns.[RP1]

Final Thoughts: Experiment

Figure out what works for you. And then share your learnings in the comments section below. You pick #7 – what are your favorite video marketing and optimization strategies?

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