6 Results To Expect When You Add A Youtube Video To Facebook

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Add-A-Youtube-Video-To-FacebookYou are missing out on huge opportunities to reach customers if you are only using text status updates and posting text based articles on Facebook. Videos should not only be a part of your company’s social media strategy, you should also ensure that you always add a YouTube video to Facebook to reach the widest possible audience. When you add YouTube video to Facebook, you can expect the following six results:

1. You will increase your return on investment

Every day, viewers watch more than five years worth of footage of YouTube videos created by businesses. Google reports that more than 100 small businesses earn over $100,000 yearly from ads on their YouTube channels, and this does not even include the money generated from selling their products and services. Internet Retailer reports that visitors who watch a video are 85 percent more likely to make a purchase products.

All you need to make a successful YouTube video is a good camera and strong lighting. If you are looking to create something more professional, you can outsource the production, often for a low cost. Creating videos is often easier and less time consuming than writing content, and Facebook subscribers are often more interested in watching a short video than reading a long article.

2. You will improve your Google page rank

Nearly seven out of every 10 consumers use an online search most of the time before making a purchase. When your company cannot be easily found by search engines, you are put at a great disadvantage and business is given to your competitors. If you add YouTube video to Facebook, you can solve this problem by improving your page ranking. Additionally, the more places your video appears, the more likely you are to receive a higher ranking by Google.

As Google owns Youtube, its videos are given higher regard than those uploaded directly to Facebook or other video hosting services. Frequently posted, short videos are best for improving your search engine results; for example, a series of informative tutorials published on Facebook frequently. This also provides you with a very cost effective way to repeat traffic to your page.

3. You will increase your number of YouTube subscribers

When you add YouTube video to Facebook, you convert your Facebook subscribers into YouTube viewers and vice versa. video marketing

4. You will reach more potential customers

While the video itself may not lead directly to sales, it will provide you with new clients. Every time you add YouTube video to Facebook, you are reaching out to new prospects by ensuring that your video is viewed by a wider audience.

5. You will improve your interactions with your audience

Customers feel that they have a personal connection with your company if they can see you on screen, strengthening the sense of your brand. Similarly, you do not have to limit yourself to your own content when you add YouTube video Facebook. You can also develop a relationship with your audience by sharing videos on subjects that relate to their needs or to features of the brand.

6. Your video will be shared even more by other social media accounts

Users are more likely to share videos when they are already featured on Facebook meaning that your videos are spread across the web without any effort on your part. Similarly, when you add Youtube video to Facebook, you can post them on pages concerned with similar interests to your brand instead of than just sticking to your own account.

Do you add YouTube video to Facebook? What results have you seen?

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