7 Tools For Internet Video Marketing

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You’ve got yourself some great video content on the Internet but aren’t seeing the numbers Internet Video Marketingyou’d like to see with them. Instead of giving up completely on video, maybe it’s time to consider some new tips to make sure your videos are being watched, shared, and bringing in new business for you.

Internet video marketing is just like any other sort of online marketing, there is a base foundation of information that any professional needs to know and then several tools that can be found all over the Web that can help immensely. These tools happen to be here just for that.

Sure, anyone can use YouTube or Vimeo and create a online video strategy that way, but these tools go beyond that to help the small and medium sized businesses out there to stay competitive with the big guys. Sound impossible? It doesn’t have to be. Check out these seven tools for Internet video marketing below and see for yourself.

1. SocialMention

This website is like the Google of social media and media analysis, making it much easier to find the precise information you need for your next online video campaign. Discover what’s trending, what’s not, and see when is the best time to release your video for the best viewership. See, Internet video marketing isn’t that hard!

2. Camtasia

Need to take some screen captures from your video to use as images? Or maybe need to fine tune your video with some editing features? Camtasia has been around for quite some time and has become an industry leader when it comes to screen capture technology and video editing.

3. Google Analytics
Yes, even video can benefit from the data tracking of Google Analytics, just like your SEO and keyword campaigns. Video is still affected by SEO and can rank on its own in Google, so making sure you’re using the right keywords and meta data for video is still as important as keywords for a blog post or an article.

4. WeVideo
Collaborative video editing all from the cloud, doesn’t that sound futuristic? Well, it’s now reality with WeVideo, which can tweak and make your online videos all the more brilliant and professional looking without having to spends hundreds of dollars on pro video editing software for your computer.

5. Mail Chimp (For Video)marketing videos

More than likely you have heard of Mail Chimp, a service which is a comprehensive tool for your bulk email campaigns. But did you know that Mail Chimp can be directly tied and integrated into your video player and online videos? That’s right, people can directly sign up and read previous campaigns without having to search endlessly on your website. A must-have for any video campaign.

6. Social Media Sharing
Being able to share something easily has become part of the backbone of online content, especially video. If viewers really like your video, then they will more than likely want to share it with their friends and family who can go on and do the same. If the social media sharing isn’t there, then your video and business is going to feel the hurt.

7. Calls-to-Action

You don’t have to create a landing page specifically for a video any longer! Instead, you can simply bring the call-to-action right to your video as an embedded app so people can subscribe instantly to your business while still viewing the video. Be able to let viewers subscriber, sign-up, or engage with almost anything you want all from video.

There are endless opportunities for your Internet video marketing campaigns these days, all it takes is some planning and implementation. Do you have a plan ready for your business and its online video?

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