Add Custom Video Thumbnails to a Custom Video Player

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An obvious truth in online video marketing is that your video can only be effective if people are watching it. That is why so much time is invested by video creators in Video SEO and adding the video to your homepage. However, that if you are seeing a low view count despite otherwise good traffic, it could be that your video thumbnail isn’t great. The video thumbnail is the opening image that you see before you click to play the video and has a big impact on whether someone chooses to watch your video or not. For example, Yobongo saw a 70.9% increase in conversions when they changed their video thumbnail.  To increase your own conversion rate you should add custom video thumbnails to your videos.

Add Custom Video Thumbnails to Your Viewbix Videos

Viewbix has released a new feature that allows you to easily add custom video thumbnails to your already customized video player. To do this go to the 1st page of the Viewbix studio and choose the video you want to use to create your Viewbix player. In this example I choose the video we use on our homepage:

add custom video thumbnailsLets say that I think that a different thumbnail can increase the amount of impressions my video gets. All I need to do is click the “Upload image” button and choose another image to be the thumbnail for my video. One way to do that is to watch the video until you come to an image that you think will be a good thumbnail, pause the video and take a screenshot of that image. That is exactly what I did and here is the new image I choose being added to the video:

custom video thumbnail

I am working on the previous thumbnail I choose was too broad (“Viewbix can do that” could mean anything) and by choosing this thumbnail, people will be more interested in seeing how exactly you can engage your audience. Once you have added the new thumbnail you finish creating your player and then add it to your site, blog, Facebook page or Twitter Feed.


AB Test Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are a perfect candidate for AB testing. You can do this easily by “cloning” any Viewbix player you have, changing the thumbnail on that video and hosting it on a different page. Once you have done that, visit the Viewbix analytics page and select each video. By dividing the amount of video views by the amount of impressions, you can see which video thumbnail produces a higher “view rate”. When you add custom video thumbnails to your videos you not only will improve the amount of views you get but your CTR and ROI as well.


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