Adding Clickable Video To Your Website Increases User Time On Site

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Engagement is nearly everything in the world of online marketing, but with so many websites for consumers to choose from, it can be extremely hard to achieve.Clickable-Video

Just to drive home this point, here are a few somewhat dispiriting statistics about online video viewing that really underscore the problem:

  • The average video loses 20% of its viewers within the first ten seconds.
  • That number continues to grow until it reaches around 60% at the two minute mark.
  • Desktop viewers usually stick with a video for two minutes or less, although mobile users (somewhat unexpectedly) have slightly longer attention spans.

The good news is, there’s a new trend in video marketing that can drastically improve your audience engagement and website-viewing lengths: clickable video.

What Is Clickable Video?

Fundamentally, clickable video is any sort of online video that the user can interact with by clicking on it. We’ve had this for years, in the form of banner ads embedded in videos and tricks like that. However, in the last couple years, the technology has matured significantly.

It’s now possible for video to have embedded “hotspots” that track with specific items in the video, allowing a user to interact directly with it, such as adding the ability to click on items shown to purchase them.

Through this new technology, there is now a huge variety of apps and add-ons that you can use to add interactive elements to your clickable video, including social media sharing, QR codes, and live stock prices. These plugins can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from direct sales to simply enhancing the content to make it more informative and reliable.

What Are The Benefits of Clickable Video?

Clickable video elements add that crucial element of interactivity to a medium which is, otherwise, fairly passive. When properly implemented, interactivity translates directly into engagement. If you give visitors video with things to click on, they’re going to hang around longer.   They’ll be watching more of your videos and spending more time on your site.

In one clear example, when fashion retailer Nine West implemented videos with clickable elements, their video-viewing stats were raised significantly, as well as having an average of six live clicks per viewing. That’s the sort of engagement that drives sales, and makes your video investment worth its while.

Getting The Most Out Of Clickable Videoapps

To see the best returns on your interactive videos, there are two main priorities to focus on:

  • Educate your visitors and ensure they understand the video is interactive, and
  • Adding a variety of interactive elements, to increase the chances of inspiring a click.

The first should be obvious, but we see a lot of companies still drop the ball here. When you have a new technology that’s interesting, different, and sufficiently shiny, you need to let people know about it. Make the messaging clear within both the video itself – hopefully within the first ten seconds – and on the page it’s embedded on. Your visitors should want to click before the video even starts.

As for targeting clickability, look for modularity and a multitude of activities to include. Try to insert some purely interestingentertaining elements, so the product feels less like an interactive catalog.  Investigate the range of available plugins to make the most of your videos.

Either way, however you go about it, implementing interactive clickable videos on your website is a great way to build engagement and lengthen the painfully-short attention span of most of your visitors. If you give them a reason to hang around and “play” with your site, they will.

That’s the sort of engagement that brings you more sales and helps turn your website into an effective sales tool.

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