Why Ads Need to be Interactive

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This guest post was written by Scott Hoffman, Chief Growth Officer at Yashi.com

Interactive AdsOnline video ads are breaking through the confinement of four small walls and the limitation of 15-30 seconds of screen time. Pre-roll gets a complete format makeover when interactive features are embedded in order to bulk up a basic online ad. Viewer engagement is the initial intention of pre-roll, but converting an impression to a transaction is the ultimate goal.  Internet media companies have been developing a solution to CTR that fall short of expectations, and overlaying rich media seems to be the answer.

When unsuspecting web surfers are hit with a pre-roll ad, their instinct is to immediately search for a skip button, but what if, instead, they were offered a dynamic display of options to learn more about the company, products and services being advertised. Those options can include customization of an item or storyline, quizzes, surveys, photo galleries, case studies, or info on special offers. Brooklyn creative studio m ss ng p eces CEO Ari Kuschnir explains,  ”Right now, people have that choice, five seconds in, to skip the ad – that’s the interactive choice – to not watch it.” Instead, he favors “narrative choice”. When a consumer is given back the control, they are more inclined to exercise that privilege. Innovid reports that interactive campaigns, on average, extended the time spent with a 30 second ad by an additional 21.57 seconds. Also, Interactive campaigns recorded a 44.54% awareness rate, while pre-roll displayed only a 17.57%  Higher engagement of a potential buyer opens the doors for higher completion rates.

Drop offs during a pre-roll ad are a huge obstacle for advertisers. Making the ads shorter may be part of the solution, but offering an escape to a landing page or links to other interesting marketing content is more important. These interactive elements encourage potential buyers to hang around longer and get to know your company on a different level.  This prevents viewers from ignoring the message being broadcasted and empowers them to be involved with the advertising process. When users roll their mouse over an ad, they will no longer be inclined to click skip because a variety of other interactive elements will be highlighted for them to select.

Interactive ads are projected to expand in popularity as more studies support their impressively effective results. Ronak Patel, Associate Digital Director of OMD International says, “Interactive Pre-roll has grown rapidly and now represents at least 15 percent of the total digital ad spend globally.” The ability to allow consumers to participate in their advertising experience expands the relationship that they have with the brands they are buying from. Jonathan Hoffman, Starcom Mediavest Group’s experience design president, explains that “Being able to look for some kind of deeper connection is always where we start.” The interactivity technology available now is just the beginning of what these super powered ads can do. As their demand grows, so will their capabilities.

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