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3 Things to Remember About Blogging and Using Video

blogging and using video

Sometimes we focus so much on everything about our Vlogging efforts that we forget about the basics.  Other times we never learned the basics and skipped ahead to advanced Vlogging.  Unfortunately both of these can result in your Blog and Vlog posts not getting as much attention as they should.  … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Creating Video for Mobile Devices

Create Videos for Mobile Devices

Almost 30% of mobile users are watching videos and the numbers are only expected to rise .  As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to create video for mobile devices in addition to your regular channels.  While it is easy to find information on the best practices and tips for shooting a … [Read more...]

How to turn 1 video into a week’s worth of content marketing

Videos are an amazing way to kill of writer’s block and create a weeks worth of content marketing to grow your business. They can help with link building for SEO, guest posting to build a following and keeping your YouTube channels full of relevant content and information. If you look at most … [Read more...]

How to fix Video Pagination Problems for SEO and Google

Video Pagination

Pagination is the problem where you have multiple versions of the same copy on different pages within your site. It can also occur when you have a slide show and you need to find a way to tell Google how to either crawl through and index these pages, or how to get them to show the right way in the … [Read more...]

How to do Video SEO Research for YouTube

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

Video SEO isn't just for search engines, it is necessary to building a following on video sharing sites like YouTube. The trick for successful video SEO research for YouTube is using everything that the site gives you, and then making sure you let other people know how to help you as well. Here are … [Read more...]

3 Things to Help Optimize Your Videos for Search Engines

Optimize your Videos for SEO

With Google ranking video in the top ten results and allowing non Google properties to show up, there is a huge opportunity for website owners and ecommerce sites to optimize their videos for search engines like Google and get more traffic.  Not only can you help to rank your website and images to … [Read more...]