4 Reasons Your Startup Needs an Animated Video

Your Startup Needs an Animated Video

Working in a startup often means long hours, bad coffee and a harsh learning curve which forces you to learn from  your failures. It means that your budget isn't all that big and that no expense is taken for granted. Practically, that means that often video is considered a luxury that  your company … [Read more...]

New Features: Introducing Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll Video Email Forms

Video pre-roll and mid-roll email forms

As we enter 2014, we’ve been working hard to make Viewbix even better for you and I'm excited to share some big news. After listening to feature requests from many of our customers, we are happy to be announcing our new Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll features to help you capture more email leads and sales … [Read more...]

How Gmail’s New Image Policy Will Affect Video Email in 2014

video email in gmail

Google announced last week that Gmail will begin displaying images by default in your emails viewed on desktops. The change to IOS and Android Gmail apps will be rolled out in "early 2014". For email marketers and especially those who use video email, this change in Gmail is significant and will … [Read more...]

7 Easy to Implement Lead Generation Tips and Tricks


Why should you care about generating leads from your website? Wouldn't it be better to merely focus on getting your traffic to make a purchase? The answer is managing your web traffic is far more complicated than that.  Over 70% of visitors abandoning your website will never return. Up to 85% of … [Read more...]

How Joy of Kosher Got a 41% Video Engagement Rate

video engagement rate

Joy of Kosher is a kosher food website that is run by celebrity chef Jamie Geller. Jamie has written  a series of cookbooks, publishes a monthly magazine as well as hosts an online TV series dedicated to the preparation of quick and delicious kosher food. While the videos that she embedded on her … [Read more...]

How I Doubled my Email Marketing CTR with Video Email

Video Email

Video Email has become the next frontier in email marketing. While some email marketers swear by it, others are wary because video and images are blocked from certain mail clients. Because many Viewbix clients requested video email, we created a video email plugin which generates an HTML code that … [Read more...]

Using a Responsive Web Design for Smartphones and Tablets


When designing a web site today one must take into account the experience mobile users will have when browsing. Over 17% of all global web traffic today comes from mobile devices and with the proliferation and the reduced costs for smartphones and tablets. One of the ways to improve your mobile … [Read more...]

How “This vs That” Improved Their Facebook Ad CTR by 58% by Using Viewbix Video Thumbnails in Sponsored Posts

Facebook Thumbnail

This vs That is an online TV show dedicated to finding out the answers to every day questions based on science (for example: who is smarter a cat or a dog). The show was conceived by Jon Hotchkiss, an 11 time Emmy nominee who also created  (among other shows) "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad … [Read more...]

Add Custom Video Thumbnails to a Custom Video Player

add custom video thumbnails

An obvious truth in online video marketing is that your video can only be effective if people are watching it. That is why so much time is invested by video creators in Video SEO and adding the video to your homepage. However, that if you are seeing a low view count despite otherwise good traffic, … [Read more...]