10 Ways Video Can Increase Conversion Rates

10 Ways Video Can Increase Conversion Rates

Looking for an easy way to increase conversion rates? Then you need to jump on the video marketing bandwagon. Video is hot, hot, hot and some have even described the Google-owned YouTube as the world's second biggest search engine. Video makes it easy for searchers to get information and answers … [Read more...]

How Joy of Kosher Got a 41% Video Engagement Rate

video engagement rate

Joy of Kosher is a kosher food website that is run by celebrity chef Jamie Geller. Jamie has written  a series of cookbooks, publishes a monthly magazine as well as hosts an online TV series dedicated to the preparation of quick and delicious kosher food. While the videos that she embedded on her … [Read more...]

Using a Responsive Web Design for Smartphones and Tablets


When designing a web site today one must take into account the experience mobile users will have when browsing. Over 17% of all global web traffic today comes from mobile devices and with the proliferation and the reduced costs for smartphones and tablets. One of the ways to improve your mobile … [Read more...]

Why a YouTube Video Gallery For Websites Will Make Your Site Easy To Navigate

YouTube video gallery

There is no question that adding a video to your website has many benefits. With one video alone you can greatly increase traffic and acquire a much larger customer base. If you are looking for even more benefits, consider adding a YouTube video gallery for website enhancement and easy … [Read more...]

Optimize Your Video Marketing With AB Testing

Optimize Your Video Marketing

Videos are a great asset to any company and should be a part of their marketing strategy. However, what might seem like a great video to you, may not be so great to the consumer. This is why it is important to make sure that your video is performing at an optimal level. If it is not, then you can … [Read more...]

Why A Custom Video Landing Page Template Will Increase Your Click Through Rate

Video Landing Page

In order to have a successful website it is important that you keep a constant eye on the numbers. One of these numbers includes the click-through rate. This rate is important as it measures how well your marketing campaign is working. If you notice that this rate is decreasing or at a stand-still, … [Read more...]