How One Non-Profit Increased Donations by 6000% in 4 Days

How One Non-Profit Increased Donations by 6000% in 4 Days

In this age of inbox overload, the key to a successful email marketing campaign is to quickly get grab your subscribers’ attention and to get them to engage with your call to action. One great way to accomplish this goal is to is to embed a video into your email. Data shows that video emails tend … [Read more...]

How Gmail’s New Image Policy Will Affect Video Email in 2014

video email in gmail

Google announced last week that Gmail will begin displaying images by default in your emails viewed on desktops. The change to IOS and Android Gmail apps will be rolled out in "early 2014". For email marketers and especially those who use video email, this change in Gmail is significant and will … [Read more...]

How I Doubled my Email Marketing CTR with Video Email

Video Email

Video Email has become the next frontier in email marketing. While some email marketers swear by it, others are wary because video and images are blocked from certain mail clients. Because many Viewbix clients requested video email, we created a video email plugin which generates an HTML code that … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Using Video in Email Marketing: To Video or Not to Video?

email in video

At first glance, video content seems like a perfect solution to a reader-engagement problem. It’s still the fastest-growing online trend. People simply love the emotional engagement of video. Emails that contain Video content have better open and click-through rates, drive more sales conversions, … [Read more...]