Google April Fools Prank 2014: Introducing AdBirds and Pokémon Master

google sparrow

Google – you tease. If you logged into your Adwords account yesterday you would have noticed a new ad format – Ad birds. Looks like Google played there April Fools prank a little early this year.  With over 6 birds to choose from for varied levels of efficiency, marketers were invited to select a … [Read more...]

The New York Yankees And Start Up’s.


It’s almost comical to use the New York Yankees and start up’s in the same sentence. The Yankees are one of the oldest and most valuable sports franchises in the world, worth well over 1.5 Billion Dollars! However being a die hard Yankee fan, I couldn’t help but think about the connection between … [Read more...]

Why You Should Combine YouTube Videos And SEO


Video marketing is essential for any business selling products or services online. Statistics show that 37 percent of YouTube users have bought an item after seeing it advertised in a video. The only way to ensure your video marketing is effective is through adequate YouTube videos SEO. There is no … [Read more...]

The Power of Social Media

Recently, I experienced a small lesson in just how powerful social media really is. There are tons of articles detailing how companies are wrestling with how much attention to pay to social media, meaning, how effective is it really? As a CEO of a hi-tech startup, and a consumer, I can officially … [Read more...]

Watch Out New York – Affiliate Marketers are Invading!

We're headed to the Hilton New York for Affiliate Summit East 2012 and hope to see you there! Affiliate Summit is the premiere event for affiliate marketers, and since we've announced our new affiliate marketing program, we're really excited to be there. To learn more about Viewbix and our video … [Read more...]

Viewbix – The New Video Affiliate Marketing Tool

There are numerous tools out there, but none that can help Affiliates as much as Viewbix when it comes to video monetization, traffic generation and newsletter growth.  Viewbix enables Affiliates to take videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo Pro, Amazon Web Services and more,  and add custom skins … [Read more...]

Sunday Funday with Videos – Olympic Edition

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Olympics are everywhere (if not on time) and so, while we sit behind desks, on couches or lay in bed let's salute all of those who have worked their entire lives to get to this moment. OK, so, this one is really for Phillip Phillips and the resurgence of his Idol winning … [Read more...]

Email + Video: A Dynamic Duo for Blockbuster List Growth


From Our Friends at: Online video is one of the hottest channels for small business marketers today. Cost of entry is minimal. Traffic and viewership are booming with smartphones and tablets, driven by social media and email sharing. The nagging question?  Conversion.        How do you stay … [Read more...]

Don’t Redirect Users With Embedded YouTube Videos!


Once again, with full disclosure and a continuation of another topic:  Today's post deals with a Viewbix feature that is only available with our Pro plan. This is not a sales pitch, but the answer to a question that has continuously been emailed to us.  Having said that, whether you are a non-user, … [Read more...]