How to fix Video Pagination Problems for SEO and Google

Video Pagination

Pagination is the problem where you have multiple versions of the same copy on different pages within your site. It can also occur when you have a slide show and you need to find a way to tell Google how to either crawl through and index these pages, or how to get them to show the right way in the … [Read more...]

How To Monetize When You Add Video To WordPress

Reaching around the globe, WordPress has become the world's most wide spread blogging platform. Although many people use this site to host their personal blogs, WordPress can be a very useful tool for your business as well. With over 362 million people viewing more than 10.7 billion pages each … [Read more...]

Create Better Video on iPhone and iPad with These Apps and Techniques

clickable video

We recently hosted Anthony Wong for a webinar about how to make better marketing videos with your iPhone and iPad. Anthony went over the available apps that allow you to create better video on iPhone and iPad. The key top using any of these apps is that they require practice. Before the webinar, … [Read more...]

How to Add Social Media Links to Video

Social Media Links

People who are watching your video are naturally engaged in the content you are providing for them. When you add a call to action to video, you can immediately leverage that enthusiasm for sales. However, there are those who are interested in creating an ongoing relationship between the viewer and … [Read more...]

What Do You Use A Customize Youtube Embed For?


The use of video on websites has gone through a strange back-and-forth since the 1990s. When the Internet first boomed, companies that could immediately started embedding video onto their sites. Unfortunately, the results just weren't very impressive. You just got grainy, low-quality video … [Read more...]

How Will Creating Videos Help Your Business?


Those who have recently started an online business are moving into one of the most crowded, noisy, and interesting new areas of business ever created. The rules of business on the Internet are significantly different than in the physical world, especially when it comes to how you advertise and … [Read more...]

The Purpose In Using An FLV Video Player


When operating a business, you want the best when it comes to video marketing. As you know, one very important aspect of the video is the video content itself. This is what gets your name and services out there for the world to see. However, there is one other aspect of the video that is equally as … [Read more...]

Is It Necessary To Use A Web Flash Video Player? Yes!


It is important to make a great initial impression with your website, something that can easily be achieved when utilizing a web Flash video player. While simple designs can be effective, Flash videos are far more convincing and will ensure that you instantly impress visitors to your site by the … [Read more...]

How To Customize Your Youtube Embedded Player


When companies new to the Internet start to look into using video marketing techniques, most quickly discover the bebefits that follow when they embed the latest youtube video in their site. It's common for them to worry that it's a difficult or cumbersome process. After all, ten years ago, it … [Read more...]