How Content Driven Sites Can Boost Email Signups with YouTube Videos

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What do YouTube videos have to do with email signups? As it turns out, using videos to capture emails can dramatically increase the number of emails you get. But before getting into that, let’s recap why capturing emails needs to be part of your company’s content strategy.

Why Content Sites Need Email Signups

People have been predicting the death of email and email marketing ever since social media became more important, but it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s not likely to happen any time soon. As much as people groan about overloaded inboxes, email is one of the key ways that most people get information. As WPBeginner says, it has multiple advantages: email is private, personal, purposeful and targeted. And it’s also got an amazingly high return on investment (ROI). An article on Marketing Profs confirms that:

“Email averages a return on investment (ROI) of $40 for every $1 spent, far outstripping banner ads ($2) and keyword ads ($17).”

In the video below Derek Halpern of Social Triggers reinforces the point. He shared a link with a similar number of Twitter followers and email subscribers. He got 300 clicks from Twitter and 4200 from email. That’s a big win for email.

So it’s no wonder that so many sites are chasing email signups. Not only can the number of subscribers boost their authority and increase their reach, but that number has a visible impact on the botttom line. When people make a connection with you via email, later down the line this shortens the purchase cycle – a recommendation from an authority site can entice people to buy.

How Video Can Help

With more content vying for viewers’ attention, sites have turned to the latest way to grab those eyeballs: video marketing. The research shows that video makes a huge difference to the attention that you get. Our recent article on video and conversion rates cited research showing that faces, voices, body language and movement are the reasons that videos appeal to viewers. Content sites have caught on to this and are using videos in blog posts and on landing pages to get more people interested in what they have to offer.

That’s great, but many sites are missing an opportunity with their videos and aren’t getting the full benefit of using videos as lead capture devices. A recent article on Internet Marketing Ninjas shows what’s possible. Their study suggested that using a call to action within a video generated up to a 31 times increase in YouTube channel subscriptions. They also found a big increase in clicks to related resources mentioned as a secondary call to action. That’s a huge improvement – and even the mid-range channel cited in their test saw a 1000% boost, moving their conversion rate from 0.06% to 0.63%.

Pretty good, but what if you could do even better? As the Content Marketing Institute shows in a discussion of Slideshare, embedded lead capture forms and call to action buttons work very well, and that’s just with static presentations.

Getting More from Your Video

We’ve seen some pretty good results from combining YouTube videos with email lead capture in a Viewbix custom player (you can also use a Viewbix player to embed a YouTube video from someone else’s channel). Some of the advantages of this include:

  • Branding – even if you’re using a video hosted on YouTube, your player is branded with your logo and contact information so that your company is what people think of.
  • Content enhancement – you’re no longer limited to the video content but can enhance it with maps, photos, music and social media links.
  • Interactivity – keeping everything connected so that viewers never have to stop watching your video to check out your Twitter stream, for example.

Email Form Placement

Most importantly, you can embed an email signup form in your video player. Presenting the signup form while you have their attention in the video usually results in big conversion increases. When viewers have to look elsewhere to subscribe, they’re more likely to leave without ever signing up.

With the customized player, you have different options for placement:

  • Post-Roll - You can have your email form at the end of the video content so that people sign up for updates after they have watched the video to the end.
  • Mid-Roll – You can have it in the middle of the video – probably better, as many viewers don’t watch a whole video.
  • Pre-Roll – You can have it at the start , though this might alienate some viewers. As Scott Hoffman found when looking at ads, pre-roll interruptions can drive people away, unless there’s some interactivity and choice. However, content sites with subscription options might find this kind of placement effective.

Gated Content?

Viewbix also lets you decide whether to use an email signup form to gate your content and require a signup in order to view the full video content (or your can leave the email form as optional). Over time, you can use video analytics to decide which option works best for you.

Another customization option is to include a call-to-action button, so that as well as capturing emails, you can direct viewers to other offers or content on your site. This could be a winner for content-rich sites looking to showcase particular articles.

One final benefit is that the Viewbix player plays nicely with Facebook, allowing you to embed and share your newly branded video content on your page or embed it into Facebook ads.

How Does It Work?

So far, our data on the customized Viewbix player suggests that it’s doing the job. We recently ran a campaign for a large home goods company where we wrapped their videos inside a custom player and then promoted them via Facebook ads. That company achieved a 3.2% email opt-in rate, a significant increase over their previous norm. And clients in other industries have had email submit rates as high as 8% when using the player.

Our findings suggest that content sites can benefit from this kind of player in terms of brand recognition, increased social media presence (the CTA can also link to social profiles) and a audience growth. Long term, that has to result in better business.  Check out Viewbix‘s custom player options to see how your business could benefit.

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