Creating Videos? How Do You Market Them?

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Everything you create for your business needs to be front and center of many people to be creating videosenjoyed and bring in more customers for you. Whether it is pictures, written content, or even video everything needs to be marketed in a way to bring in new leads and revenue. With images and articles, it’s pretty easy. You can just post pictures on Facebook or Instagram and with written content, there are countless directories and even your own business blog. But with video? It can seem tricky to market video correctly online, but it’s actually a breeze.

One of the most common ways to market videos about your business is through YouTube. Just embed their own media player on your website and voila! A customized media player can assure that you have full control over your videos, but that still doesn’t explain how to market them properly.

Use YouTube and others to a degree
One way a customized media player can help with this is by adding an app that will take your viewers to your own YouTube channel or playlist. Having your own media player is a good start, but being able to still utilize YouTube is even better. Create an active and original channel surrounding your business and people will view the content. From there, you can boost your rank on Google and provide even more positive SEO to your brand.

Share on all social media platforms
Well, not all, since that might be impossible. But, share on all of the networks that your business is part of, even including places like forums, LinkedIn, and yes, Pinterest. Including video as a part of your social media strategy means sharing it to all of your followers, who can share the same content to their social circles. Talk about a huge show and tell group!

appsInclude additional content within the video
Video is more than just moving picture and sound, it has to be as much of a “story” like your business blog and social media efforts. Because of that, adding extra content into the video like live tweets from your Twitter account, the ability for viewers to subscribe to a email list, and other interactive apps can really heighten the engagement of that video. And it makes marketing it all the more easier!

Remember email signatures and comments sections
Lots of professionals tend to forget about that valuable real estate right below their signature in emails, forums, and even in the comments sections of other websites. All of these places provide great exposure for your video, especially with email. Every email you send out will have a link straight to your video. Even saying it’s a video within the linked text can increase the click-through rate on your signature, as well as in forum and comment settings.

What kind of marketing methods do you use for your videos? Which ones have proven successful?

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