Criteria For Picking The Right Video Player For WordPress

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Adding videos to WordPress is a great way to enhance your blog posts and bring life to your site. It will also draw in new viewers and keep them coming back for more. However, there is some criteria which must be met when choosing the right video player for WordPress.wordpress-video-player

The Right Size

In order for your video player generator to work correctly on WordPress, your files need to be the correct size. Although some people have had success with files up to 1.4GB, it is best that your video is no larger than 1GB. This file size will upload much faster and will provide the best viewing experience for your audience.

Know Your Space Limits

On WordPress, you are given the option to host a free blog or purchase your own domain. With a free blog, you automatically have access to 3GB of space. That may be enough space for some people, but for others, especially businesses, 3GB can go rather quickly. Fortunately, WordPress has you covered. You can quickly add more space to your account by purchasing the Space Upgrade option available on their site.

Gain Maximum Accessibility
When adding a video player to your WordPress site you must make sure that it can be easily accessed by the audience. There are many formats you can choose from when creating your video. The most reliable of these are HTML5 video player and Flash video. These two formats are the most widely used. Because if this, most computers come pre-installed with video players that support them.

For those of you who have already created videos in other formats, you will not have to start from square one. In most cases, these videos can be easily converted to the format of your choice.

Mobility Accessvideo player for wordpress
It is a busy world and consumers handle a great deal of their business needs while on the go. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a video player for WordPress that will provide mobile access to your viewers. With a player that supports Flash, HTML5 and MP4 files you can rest assured that your videos can be watched by your audience. Additionally, this will improve the odds of your video being shared to others.

Options for Adding Interactive Applications  
Videos are a great way to give your blog a personal touch. You can do this even more with the help of interactive applications. Along with keeping the interest of viewers, these applications are also ideal for adding a call to action to your videos.There are a variety of applications you can choose from depending on your goal, that can be directly embedded within the video itself. A few of these options include adding text boxes within the video or embedding clickable links for the viewer to visit your site, sign up for services, contact you or make purchases.

Customizable Video Player
WordPress offers hundreds of themes with a variety of color schemes, layouts and additional customizable options. In most cases, people want the look of their blog to accurately represent them and their business. Accomplishing this can take a little time. After doing so, it is important that you avoid adding a video that will take away from that look. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose a video player for WordPress that enables you to choose different skins. With a variety of skin options, you can easily choose a video player that will not only match your site, but will enhance it as well.

Now that you know the criteria and what attributes to look for in a video player for WordPress, you can start enhancing your blog today. Have you had any experiences with WordPress video players?


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