How I Doubled my Email Marketing CTR with Video Email

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Video Email has become the next frontier in email marketing. While some email marketers swear by it, others are wary because video and images are blocked from certain mail clients. Because many Viewbix clients requested video email, we created a video email plugin which generates an HTML code that can be added to any email marketing platform easily. To demonstrate how easy it was to use this plugin I decided to host a webinar tutorial for our users to show them how to add a Viewbix video to their marketing emails.Video Email

The Video Email Invitation to the Webinar

Despite the fact that we had added a video email plugin to Viewbix, I was still skeptical about its effectiveness.  Because the webinar was about our video email feature I naturally added a Viewbix video to the email invite I sent to our users. To sign up for the webinar users could either click on the link at the top of the email or click through on one of the calls to action in the Viewbix video. In addition, the email contained a link to our homepage as well as a link to our Facebook and Twitter page.

More Than Half of All the Clicks in the Email Were on the Video

When I reviewed the email reporting after the email had been sent out I was stunned to see that over 50% of the clicks in the email were to see the video and that my CTR on this email was double my list average. When I dug deeper I also saw that users who clicked on the video were far more likely to register for the webinar than users who simply clicked on the GotoMeeting link. Because Viewbix is after all a customized video player, clicking on the video had the added benefit of getting our users to see what our player can accomplish when you add our customized apps to the video.Video Email CTR

Video Email Works

In conclusion I have been converted from a video email skeptic to an ardent enthusiast and continue to add video to our email campaigns whenever it is possible. Video email has the ability to add a unique audio-visual element to your marketing emails and will drive more clicks, leads and sales from your email marketing campaigns.

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  • Andrew Mooers

    When you have FAQ videos produced on the topics asked daily, those are the links, that make up the bulk of some email campaigns to new, never been to your area before buyers. Who need this local area information first before they pull the rip cord after jumping out of the relocation airplane over your zip codes of listings. Video show and tell is so powerful SEO, marketing, retention and ease of use wise.