Get Great Engagement with Post Roll In Embed Video

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There is no question that videos are an excellent tool for marketing. They are catchy, interesting and convenient for viewers.  However, to get the most out of your videos they should also be engaging. Although there are many ways to go about this, using a post roll in embed video can give you great engagement from your

About Post Roll
A post roll embed is a tool that is placed at the end of a video, which is used to link viewers to the destination of your choice. This destination may include a product page, the next video in a playlist or your company’s website.

How Post Roll Enhances Viewer Engagement

  • Links to Product Pages and Additional Videos

Using a post roll embed in your video is a great way to link your viewers to other videos you have produced, as well as your company’s product pages. This is important in providing the viewer with more information, introducing additional products or discussing further details about your company. Plus, it is easy to do. When a video ends the viewer is immediately prompted to click the link you have provided. This eliminates time for distraction and increases the likelihood of the viewer doing business with you.

  • Maintains Viewer’s Interest with a Hidden Playlist

Playlists are an excellent tool used for breaking up long videos. This is especially important when trying to work around the average person’s attention span. A video that is any longer than three minutes is likely to lose the viewer’s attention. Therefore, short videos are a must.

With a post roll in embed video, you can keep your viewers hooked by breaking up your content, using a hidden playlist within your video. This means that when the initial video ends, the viewers will be prompted to go to the next video in line. More often than not, the viewer will do so out of curiosity of what the next video entails.

  • Increases Traffic to Your Websitepost-roll-embed-in-video-content

Not only do you need to engage the audience through the video itself, but you also need to do so on your website. You can drive traffic to your website from other sites easily by adding a post roll embed in video. This will link the viewer to your site directly. From there they can gather additional information, make purchases or sign up for services.

  • Creates a Call to Action

The main goal of any marketing strategy is to gain customers and increase sales. This is done by using a call to action. Using a post roll in embed video makes this simple, by enabling you to place the call to action directly within the video itself. For example, when a video has ended a link will populate on the video leading the viewer to the page of your choice. This may include prompting the viewer to sign up for mailings or a newsletter, to contact you or to make their final purchase.

  • Makes Engagement Convenient for Viewers

In this fast paced world, consumers are all about convenience. This idea should stand true in your video marketing strategies as well. The more easy you make a process, the more likely you are to gain customers. When a post roll embed is added to your video, the viewer does not have to question what their next step should be. It is laid out right in front of them. This eliminates confusion and makes it simple for them to engage with your company.

When you create marketing videos for your company, it is important that you get your audience involved. By adding a post roll in embed video, you can be sure to retain user engagement. In turn, you can obtain the excellent results that you expect. Have you had any experiences with a video post roll embed?


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