Get More Sales For Your Youtube Video Using Shoppable Video

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Google recently announced that it was allowing some of their channels to add calls to action to video. By allowing brands to create a shoppable video, brands will be able to embed a call to action to their video and enable viewers who are already engaged in the video to take instant purchase and marketing actions.  Companies have been experimenting with video overlay software for a while now but the 1st brand to get access to this technology on YouTube  is Tresemmé, a hair product company who will embed links to products and retailers on their brand page.

There are limitations to this technology as Google announced that these links will only be available on the brand page and not where the video is embedded. Furthermore, only brands that are invited by Google to to create shoppable video will be able to create these clickable videos on their site. While the appeal of this technology is obvious, how can small and medium businesses as well as artists, bloggers and vloggers take advantage of the possibilities that clickable video enables you to do?shoppable video

Fortunately, Viewbix is here to allow you to add a call to action to your video.

How to add a call to action to YouTube video

You have created a beautiful video that showcases your product and now you want to reap the benefits of video marketing. You place your video on YouTube and embed it on your site and still the results are mediocre. The question is why?

The answer is that without a proper call to action, people who see your YouTube video will stay on YouTube and not move to your product page or other pages where they can make purchasing decisions. Furthermore, if you don’t customize your YouTube embedded player to include your branding and functionality for your website, your video player gives off an amateurish vibe which discourages  people from making purchases on your site or even signing up for a newsletter.

Viewbix allows you to take care of both problems. Every Viewbix player comes with a call to action button on top of the video which you can overlay any text, brand it in any color and link it to any URL you wish. In addition, you can embed clickable apps directly into the video player, including

  • A Twitter Feed
  • Email Marketing Apps: Allowing you to collect emails and generate leads within the player
  • Google Mas
  • Flickr and Picasa picture Albums
  • YouTube Channel
  • RSS feed from your blog or site
  • Skype Call

In addition, Viewbix allows you to add your logo or banners to the top and bottom of the video player enabling you to place multiple call to actions on your video.

Add a Call to Action to a Facebook Video

In an era when social media and especially Facebook has become part of our daily lives, marketers have noticed and have invested heavily in social video marketing. Videos on social networks have a higher share rate and customers are more likely to engage with the video in social than they are on traditional video sites. However, without a proper call to action, many of the advantages that social networks have over traditional media are wasted. The Viewbix player is fully functional within the Facebook newsfeed, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities that social networks offer.

Shoppable video seems to be the latest trend in video marketing and one can only anticipate more companies trying to take advantage of this potential. Do you see your company using shoppable video?

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