Get Your Name Out There With Non Profit Marketing

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When it comes to non profit organizations, there are already lots of responsibilities to be taken care of–on top of tasks such as marketing and advertising to make sure you can get the recognition and donations your non profit need. However, non profit marketing doesn’t non profit marketingnecessarily have to mean big dollar signs that cut into your budget, nor does it always have to mean having a marketing agency do it all for you. In fact, you can have complete control of your non profit marketing without having to spend too much money and still get the recognition you need.

Of course, one of the biggest platforms for any non profit these days is going to be a strong presence online. All of the major social networks and content distribution websites are perfectly fine for a non profit to use to rank higher online and be able to spread your message to a bigger audience. However, most of the non profits out there aren’t taking full advantage of all the online tools out there to see better results.

Some of the most popular ways are through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, through blogging and online articles, but not many non profits utilize the ultimate power of online video content. Non profit marketing should always have a focus on video as well, especially since YouTube continues to be one of the top social media networks and a great way to boost your Google rank. However, even better is having your own customized video player with embedded apps.

How can such video benefit a non profit and its marketing efforts?nonprofit maketing

  • Be able to have real-time status updates from your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social profiles directly linked to your video in order to allow viewers to instantly become engaged followers.
  • Donations are crucial for any non profit, so don’t forget about adding a direct donation button right in your video player and videos! If a user should land on one of your videos, they don’t have to be redirected to a different page or deal with clumsy landing pages, just a simple solution.
  • Add RSS feeds and calls-to-action to your video player to inform your viewers of what your non profit has accomplished as well as allowing them to become a subscriber of your newsletter and cause.
  • Videos are just as important as written content and images, so don’t forget to add some variety to your content marketing efforts. Non profit marketing is just like marketing for businesses online, and you’ll need to compete just the same with the right keywords and content variation.

It takes more than just having a great cause to get people interested in your non profit unfortunately, but non profit marketing doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you or your followers (or your budget). Just remember, video is increasingly becoming a must-have for any marketing plan, and making sure your videos stand out with unique content as well as customizable apps will make sure that you can make a bigger impact and really get your name out there.

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