Google April Fools Prank 2014: Introducing AdBirds and Pokémon Master

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Google – you tease. If you logged into your Adwords account yesterday you would have noticed a new ad format – Ad birds. Looks like Google played there April Fools prank a little early this year.  With over 6 birds to choose from for varied levels of efficiency, marketers were invited to select a bird, add accompanied text and let the bird take flight… or waddle. If you fell for the prank or just wanted to take a look at how far those Googlers would take it, you built your “bird” adding a beak, head, wings and tail feathers all to be hit with a splash page from Google admitting they got you good.

Google April Fools Prank 2014

Google Adwords Prank



Google Penguin April Fools
You didn’t have to have an Adwords account to partake the fun. The Google maps division released a video plugging a new position opening: Pokémon Master – a great digital explorer, noting eligible candidates must find and collect all the wild Pokémon.

Users who recently downloaded or updated the Google maps app found themselves seemingly dropped off by the Pokémon labs where 3 Pokémon were lingering nearby just waiting to be captured. There are 150 Pokémon to collect.
Google Maps Pokemon


Google Maps Bulbasaur

Google Maqps Pokedex
This is by far one of the most elaborate pranks Google has played. If you decide to step up to the challenge which is most definitely a gag – try and find them all before the deadline of April 2, 2014. Check out the Google Maps on Facebook page for hints and to keep up with who has already collected them all.  FYI Check major cities and sites. Rotom is hanging out by Radio City Music Hall. Have fun!

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