Great Customer Service equals Sales

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Yesterday, I attended an event focusing on company growth led by McKinsey and hosted by OurCrowd (one of our investors). One of the points they mentioned that really resonated with me was sales should be driven from all parts of the organization, especially customer support.  Calls to customer support asking about particular features or how to use a part of the platform present great opportunities to engage with that customer and allow for possible upsells.  However, I believe the value of great customer support as part of the “sales” process can have an even greater effect that may not be able to be tracked by direct sales metrics.

In the last week , two people asked me about my Fitbit Surge. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a fitness tracking watch worn by world leaders like President Barack Obama and me!

In giving them my feedback I talked a lot about how much I liked the specific features; heart rate monitoring,  GPS, step count – in particular how this motivated me to get off my chair and take a couple of 10-15 minute walks during the day  instead of sitting at my desk for hours at a time.

However what closed the deal for these two people was the fact that I mentioned the only complaint I had was that after 3-4 months of usage the battery life decreased significantly from 5-7 days to 1 day.  However, when I called customer service at Fitbit they sent me a replacement watch that arrived within the week.

That single act of good customer service resulted in making me a product evangelist and resulted in at least two additional sales that otherwise may not have happened.

Thinking about how every part of your organization and especially the customer facing sides are creating great experiences should be a critical part of a company’s culture.  It may be difficult to track these as direct sales but over time it’s a great strategy to drive significant sales growth.

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