How “This vs That” Improved Their Facebook Ad CTR by 58% by Using Viewbix Video Thumbnails in Sponsored Posts

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This vs That is an online TV show dedicated to finding out the answers to every day questions based on science (for example: who is smarter a cat or a dog). The show was conceived by Jon Hotchkiss, an 11 time Emmy nominee who also created  (among other shows) “My Dad is Better Than Your Dad (NBC)”and “Punkin Chunkin” (Science). He was also one of the original writers on Politically Incorrect. Jon originally signed a contact with the Sci-Fi channel and was set to start shooting the show when they backed out at the last second. Because Sci-Fi had already agreed in principle to air the show, Jon received a settlement that basically covered the cost of creating the show…only he had nowhere to air it.

“I figured that if I could create the show and it was good, figuring out where to air would be the least of my problems.” Jon told me.

Jon decided he would host the TV show behind a paywall and create previews of the show for marketing it. These previews would be advertised via Facebook sponsored posts and his website. It was then that Jon came across Viewbix and saw how adding a call to action button as well as some of our apps could radically improve his advertising ROI. The coupon app is especially useful as it gives users the feeling they are getting a deal and make them much more willing to purchase the show.

Viewbix Video Thumbnails Improve Facebook Ad CTR

By using the Viewbix thumbnail, one can cause a far larger amount of people to click to watch it than YouTube’s thumbnail. This in turn lowers the average Facebook spend per click and radically improves your overall Facebook ad ROI. This vs That ran a couple of experiments to see how which thumbnails performed better in Facebook advertisements. They used 2 different clips from their shows to advertise it on Facebook. For each clip they created a YouTube  video and a Viewbix player. Each ad targeted the same group of users and had exactly the same text. Here is what they found:

Clip #1: The YouTube Clip was seen by 9674 people and was played 115 times for a 1.2% CTR. The Viewbix clip was seen by 5398 people and was played 116 times = 2.1% The Viewbix clip was 55% more effective at getting people to click on it — As you can see, it was seen by 4000 fewer people in their stream… but was viewed essentially the same # of times. Facebook Thumbnail

Clip #2-  The YouTube clip was seen by 8152 people in their stream with 87  clicks on the video for a CTR of 1.1%. The Viewbix clip was sen by 9599 people in their stream with 171 clicks on the video. This gave Viewbix a CTR of1.8%. The Viewbix clip in this example was 58% more effective at garnering clicks on Facebook.

Attract Twitter Users With a Customizable Video Landing Page

Another features that “This vs That” has taken advantage of is the custom video landing page template that Viewbix offers users. By allowing you to enter your Twitter Feed as well as add other relevant content, images and links, the Viewbix landing page is ideal for Twitter marketers promoting their videos. This vs That uses these landing pages to tweet previews of their show,add information about the show and links to their website.

Overall, they have found Viewbix to almost double the amount of clicks and sales for their videos on Facebook as well as on their website.

To watch This VS That or to visit their website click here

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