How to Create Twitter Ads to Promote Your Videos

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Want to get more exposure for your latest video creation beyond your own following on Twitter? Then the best way to do it is using Twitter Advertising. Twitter now has targeting options that you can use for promoted tweets that can help you get your video out to your ideal audience. Here’s how to configure yours to get maximum video visibility.

Why Promote Videos Using Promoted Tweets?

Aside from getting more exposure for your video itself, promoted tweets with media tend to stick out more in user’s timelines and search results. Take a look at this result for DIY…

how to create promoted tweets


And this one that is sharing a YouTube video…



There’s no doubt that the video takes up extra real estate on a Twitter user’s screen. The more attention grabbing your promoted tweet is, the more likely it is to get more views and conversions when properly optimized.

So now that you know the why, let’s look at the how in a few easy steps.

1. Create the tweet you want to promote.

The most important part of your Twitter Advertising campaign is the ad itself, or in this case, the tweet.  To promote your video, you’ll want to create a 140-character tweet – inclusive of the number of characters in the link to the video – that entices people to watch it.

You can create your tweet to be promoted on Twitter itself, in your ads dashboard, or using your favorite social media management tool. The difference? Tweets created using the usual interface on Twitter and with your social media management tool will be publicly viewable.

Tweets created in the ads dashboard under the Creatives menu or during the Promoted Tweet ad setup, on the other hand, can be set to only show to your targeted ad audience.  The latter can be especially useful if you have several videos that are aimed at specific audiences – you can promote those videos to those audiences without having multiple tweets on your account that are of a similar video or advertisement.

2. Set up your Promoted Tweets campaign.

Once you’ve created your tweet for the public, or decided how to create the tweet for just your ad audience, you’re ready to start your Promoted Tweets campaign. To do this, go to your Twitter ads dashboard. You can sign into this area using your usual Twitter login and password. If you’ve never signed into Twitter ads before, you may need to start at the Start Advertising page when logged in to your usual Twitter account.

To start your Promoted Tweets campaign, you’ll click the blue Create New Campaign button and then select New Promoted Tweets campaign.



First, you’ll give your campaign a name and set the timeframe for your ad to run.


Next, you’ll target your ad audience. You can target your ads towards users who use specific keywords, users who are similar to followers of specific accounts (like your competitors), users who like particular TV shows, or specialized lists from services such as AdRoll, ExactTarget, MailChimp, Quantcast, and Salesforce (the full list is here). The latter is similar to Facebook Custom Audience targeting, but currently without the option to import from other sources than their partners.



You can also include additional targeting options based on where the tweet would appear, the user’s device, and the user’s gender.


Next, you will select your tweet to promote. If you have already created it on the main Twitter interface or using your social media management tool, you can select it from the list of latest tweets. Otherwise, you can click the link to Promote a New Tweet to create a tweet that only shows to your target audience.


Finally, you will set the budget for your campaign. This includes setting a total budget, daily budget, and per engagement budget. Engagements include any interaction with your promoted tweet – clicks, retweets, favorites, replies, and new followers to your account. It’s a safe bet to go with Twitter’s suggested bid amount, but you can configure it higher or lower if you choose. If someone has bid more for the same keyword, however, their ad will be shown to targeted users first.



Once you’re finished, click the Save Campaign button. If you’re new to Twitter ads, you’ll need to set up your payment method. Otherwise, your ad will go live once approved.

3. Measure the results.

Anytime you are spending money on a particular marketing strategy, you should also invest the time into analyzing the results of your strategy to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. In this case, you’ll want to see if the Promoted Tweets campaign is leading to new views for your video.

You can measure your campaign results in a few ways. You can use the analytics provided by Twitter ads to see the number of clicks, retweets, replies, and follows that happen based on your campaign.


You can also refer to your video’s own statistics on YouTube to see if the traffic referrals are from Twitter by going to your channel’s analytics.


Use the data to help determine if Promoted Tweets are valuable to your video’s promotion strategy, or if you need to look into alternative advertising options.

Have you tried using Twitter Promoted Tweets yet? What were your experiences?

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