How To Incorporate Branded Video Content With Your Business

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In Internet marketing, brand-building is one of the single most important things you can do.Branded Video ContentThis is even more true than for offline businesses. After all, a well-located roadside diner or car repair shop is going to see plenty of traffic nearly regardless of its branding, but on the so-called “information superhighway” there really aren’t any comparable situations.

To inspire a sale online you have to get yourself noticed by people who are actively seeking businesses like yours, and you are going to be competing with hundreds or thousands of other websites who are all offering very similar products or services. The only way you can convince people that your business is the best in your market is through brand-building.

Branded video content is one of the most effective ways of doing this. Videos marketing reach out to people, and can communicate a lot of information quickly. Like a well-produced TV advert, a good social video tells people who you are, what you stand for, and why they should do business with you… and not with any of those other guys.

The Clear Benefits Of Branded Video Content

  • Tell a story: More than most forms of text, video can be used to really tell a story that ropes people. It might be your company’s story, or an incident from your history, or just a story that involves your product in some way.

  • Link your brand to an idea: Branded video content allows you to directly associate your company with ideas and attitudes you select. Placing your brand in a certain situation will cause people to associate those things, such as beer and beach parties or perfume and foreign cities. Where you place your brand tells people a lot about how you view it and who you’re appealing to.

  • Spread the word: Unlike traditional advertisements, Internet video is freely spread and shared among users. Creating a branded video that people enjoy inspires them to pass it along, putting your brand in front of that many more new viewers. Incorporating apps that make social sharing easy speeds this process along!

  • Carve out your own space: When you’re on social media, you’re using shared messaging space where you’re automatically competing with stronger brands for attention. When you have a video on YouTube, it’s YouTube’s branding that people will see first, and you need to overcome that. Strong branded video content helps you create a space that’s “yours” even if you’re having to share it with other brands

Plus, on top of all that, creating branded videos is quite inexpensive, and with software and hardware rarely costing more than a few hundred dollars for a basic setup. Unlike in years past, video marketing is available to nearly any business of any size.

Incorporating Branded Video Content In Your Website

If you’re wanting to start embedding your new YouTube videos in your website and see them spread socially, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be heavy-handed. Sparing use of a brand is better than hammering viewers over the head with it.

  • Use your brand organically. You get the best response and the best recall if your brand is incorporated organically into a story, rather than being the focus.

  • Keep your colors consistent. From your branded videos to your website to your printed materials, keep your branding and colors consistent throughout. Consistent color schemes are one of those “little touches” that mark a high-class company.

  • Make it clickable. Use plugins or software to make your brand itself clickable within the video, so that it leads to your website or Facebook page.

Building a brand online isn’t easy, but with branded video content you’ll be getting off to a great start. Stake your claim, make your business’s ideals and goals clear, and try to reach out to the customers you most want to see on your site.

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