How-To Make Great How-To Marketing Videos

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In a recent blog post I wrote about what kind of videos you can produce to help promote your business.  One of those suggestions was “how-to” videos and now here’s a closer look at some best practices.

Ask the Experts:

My business is video, video marketing and video interaction.  I don’t know much about real estate (other than, it’s expensive!), but I do know that a lot of real estate agents and vacation destinations are using Viewbix technology to share video tours and other property listing tools.  So, if I want to do a how-to video on “What are the Best Apps for Real Estate Marketing Videos,” I’m going to ask one of our clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask your users to participate.  People want to share their opinions and know that their knowledge is valued.  So, for this example, I’ll reach out to a real estate client and ask, what Viewbix tools do you find work best for video when trying to sell or rent properties?   If you’re lucky, the real estate guy might even appear on camera and offer some *expert* advice (and a testimonial simultaneously – but more on that another time)

If you choose to go forth and be your own expert, just be sure you study up on your topic.  It’s important that you don’t lose credibility, especially with the people whom you want as customers.

Be Specific About the Task You Are Going To Explain:

There are tons of videos here on the internet and you want yours to stand out.  You may not have the best camera, or the best lighting, but your value comes from sharing the best information.

So, let everyone see that you *really* know your business – get detailed!  Let your viewer know that they’ll get detailed information from your promotional video by putting it in the title.  What does that mean in practice?

Using Viewbix as an example, ’cause that’s the business I know best, instead of naming my instructional video, “How to Use Viewbix,”  I’m going to let the viewer know we’re talking details by titling the video, “How to Insert a Viewbix Video Player into WordPress.”

Right off the bat, the user knows that this will be a specific video tutorial, it will explain one component of our service and it will set expectations.  They’ll know that this won’t be a waste of time, because they’ll know exactly what they are getting.

Another advantage to this method is it allows you to produce more content.  Instead of one general video that covers it all, (ie, How to Use Viewbix) you can make several videos (How to Find Your Video Embed Code, How to Add Google Maps to Your Video, How to Add MailChimp to Your Video, etc).

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Providing details doesn’t mean you have to bore your viewers…. Don’t add extra, unwanted information.  Just stick to the point with easy to follow instructions and keep videos short.  Industry wide, there is a *sharp* drop-off in viewers after the 90 second mark.  So, in most cases, if you can’t get your point across in less than a minute and a half, pick a new topic.  No matter how good your how-to video is, if it’s long and boring, no one will stick around to learn anything or want to use your services!

Have you made any how-to videos?  Do you have any suggestions?

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