How To Use Internet Video Marketing

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Are you using video to help engage with your customers and boost your exposure across the Internet? If not, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to start seeing some huge ROI results all from the power of online video. It doesn’t even have to be costly to you, you can use entirely online tools and software to build your own Internet video marketing content strategy and start embedding your very own video player on your website to attract even more customers.

Internet Video Marketing

You’re probably wondering what the whole point is to utilizing online video in your marketing campaign, let alone adding a video player to your website. No, this doesn’t have to be one of those annoying pop-up video players that auto-play, nor does it have to be Flash-based and block out potential customers who might be using an iPhone or iPad. Everything can be easily integrated, play only when your customer wants to engage with it, while still providing yet another channel for even more leads.

Video marketing has come a long way since the earlier days of the Internet. What potential does your video have now?

  • Your video can be more than just a way to attract people to your website and make them stay there until they find a lead capture page, it can be yet another avenue to collect new subscribers with an embedded subscription or call-to-action button. Once you have those leads captured, it’s time to follow-up and make sure they remain engaged!
  • Using social media and want viewers of your video to know that? You don’t have to add text into your video any longer and hope that people go to your Facebook or Twitter, you can now provide direct access to all of your social networking channels right in your video player. Let people read live streaming tweets or even share directly from the video.
  • Just like with SEO and social media management, analytics are quite important to make sure you stay on target with your audience. Sure, YouTube provides some analytics but they aren’t as comprehensive as having your own customized video player with analytics and data tracking. Be able to create content for the viewers who matter most while also keeping track of how long the video is being watched and where it is being shared.
  • Internet video marketing is just like blogging or writing articles: it needs to be unique, informative, and found any and everywhere possible. Add your videos to not only YouTube but alternatives like Vimeo or Daily Motion. Make sure that your own video player is in more than one place on your website, on your business blog, and even linked over to your social networks.

Video is more than just viral one minute clips these days, and they certainly have evolved greatly from the professional videos businesses used to have in the early 2000s that were dry and boring. Video should be considered like another content platform like your blog or article distribution. You can entertain, inform, and be creative with your video while also getting deep analytics and utilizing in-streaming apps to keep your customers highly engaged.

Remember: don’t neglect online video! It has become one of the top shareable types of content and YouTube is one of the most popular social media websites out there, even competing with the numbers Facebook brings in. It’s time to really ramp up your marketing efforts with a energized Internet video marketing campaign.

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