3 Big Ideas For Local Video Marketing

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Do you own a local business with a specifically targeted clientele? Are you a real estate agent, do you own a barber shop, restaurant, pharmacy, or pet store?

While most small businesses are still plugging away trying to grab top spots in search engines for their local business website,  video marketing is quickly becoming an extremely effective marketing tool for local businesses. A video marketing strategy can often yield better search results than a content strategy.

Google says 20% of desktop and 50% of mobile searches have local intent. Along with that, 94% of mobile users use their phones for local information.

Market trends indicate that videos are quickly becoming the preferred search engine, and, with that, users are moving towards watching more videos on their mobile devices. Combined, these two aspects offer local businesses an opportunity to leverage this space and use video marketing to its fullest capacity… often for as little as $5 a day.

Here are three great methods for local businesses to dominate the video marketing space.

Obviously, the backbone of a solid video marketing strategy is a great video that includes a clear message, sells a product and includes an extremely direct call to action.

Once the video is ready, now it’s time for the local business to implement three great local marketing strategies.

1) Facebook Ads

Facebook ads should be at the top of the marketing strategy list for any local business. With minimal investments, the Facebook ad platform enables a business to proactively show video ads only to the most relevant people within an immediate geographic area.  This granular level of targeting ensures that only the most suitable customers actually see the video, driving more traffic to the local business while keeping the daily ad spend at a minimum. For a great breakdown of the Facebook ad target criteria, read this article from socialfresh.

2) YouTube Ads: Pre-Roll, Suggested, and Search

YouTube offers multiple paid promotional options to drive more relevant traffic by leveraging interests, categories, demographics and contextual keywords. Similar to Facebook ads, daily ad spend will be relatively low because the ability to target only the most geographically relevant consumers.

The main options for YouTube ads are placing the local ad as a pre-roll, suggested video, or as part of a promoted search. In all cases, businesses can promote a video leveraging search results on YouTube, other related videos on YouTube, or in relation to other content across the Google Display Network. Similar to pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing, businesses can pre-determine how much ad spend for each video view and set a maximum budget.

a. Pre-Roll videos, or In-Stream ads, are like a mini-commercial before the actual intended video is viewed.  While the user can opt-out after 5 seconds, the targeting can work to the advantage of a local business. They work on the basis of contextual targeting, interest targeting or demographic targeting. In layman’s terms, a local business can leverage what people in a local area are watching and have the business video be viewed as an ad before.

b. Suggested videos are seen only after the intended video is completed. Local businesses can pay to be included in this list. Clearly, the limitation is that the viewer has to complete the actual video they intended to watch to see the local business’ video.

c. Promoted search The YouTube Promoted Video platform works very much like Google Adwords advertising. You choose relevant keywords that you want to target, set a daily budget amount that you want to spend, and select which one of your videos that you want to appear.

In all cases, CPM and Click Cost for YouTube is relatively low compared to other types of online advertising, which is ideal for the budgets of local businesses.

3) Twitter

Our third idea for local businesses, Twitter ads. Recently, Twitter enabled a powerful ad platform that offers businesses the ability to promote content based on geographic location, timeline, interests, or device. Sponsored tweets can even be targeted based on zip code! Once again, like YouTube and Facebook, a local business can benefit from narrowing the ad unit to only the most relevant customers. Now a promoted tweet for a local business, with a link to video, can go a long way!

As many local businesses turn to video marketing to increase online sales or foot traffic to their stores (or both), integrating these three strategies can help any local business to gain visibility to their primary audience without breaking the bank.

Has your local business succeeded in using other local marketing strategies to promote a video? We’d love to hear about it!

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