Is It Necessary To Use A Web Flash Video Player? Yes!

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It is important to make a great initial impression with your website, something that can easilyweb flash video player be achieved when utilizing a web Flash video player. While simple designs can be effective, Flash videos are far more convincing and will ensure that you instantly impress visitors to your site by the professional appearance. Flash is fast becoming the delivery medium of choice for streaming media for a number of reasons.

1. The web Flash video player reaches the widest possible audience

Adobe reports that 99 percent of Internet enabled computers are installed with a web Flash video player, more than any other proprietary video format. With more people able to view your videos than any other format, there is no need for multiple encoding.

2. Flash is highly accessible

If your audience cannot watch your videos easily, they will likely give up trying and you could lose out on numerous prospects. Watching videos online should be a fun experience, and it is up to you to ensure this for your visitors.

3. You avoid including other branding on your website

By utilizing a custom media player, you can have the branding you want whereas any other players will dictate the branding to you. Avoiding undesirable branding will also improve the appearance of your site as a whole by ensuring your videos fit in seamlessly with the other aspects of your website.

4. You will be making life easier for yourself

A web Flash video player is as easy to incorporate as adding an image to your website. Why would you not want to save yourself time and effort? The included tutorial videos mean you everything is easy to use without the help of a professional, whatever you level of knowledge in computing.

5. You can utilize more features than just video

Once you have installed Flash, you will have many more options available to you than just video. You can add content in numerous other formats including text, images and activities allowing for user interaction. This presents you with the possibility to provide you audience with e-learning, e-commerce and other experiences increasing the chances of visitors returning to the site in the future.

6. Users will appreciate the faster loading time

Many Internet users are busy with multiple tasks on the web and may not have the time nor motivation to wait for your video to load. The VP6 and On2 compression techniques utilized by a web Flash video player enable videos to be delivered to users far faster than methods used by traditional video formats. Videos are compressed without a loss of quality making them smaller and easier to load.

7. Flash has high quality audio as well as video

When creating videos the need for high quality audio comes along with optimal picture quality. Users should be able to easily hear dialog, jingles and any other sounds included in the video. By offering stereo sound, Flash has the potential to deliver content that sounds as good as music played straight from a CD.

8. Flash videos are easy to edit

The Flash CS3 video encoder makes it easy to convert video, game and animation files into Flash videos. You can also use the video encoder to edit aspects of the content such as length and to incorporate additional audio visuals.

9. You will improve the appearance of your website

Unlike other video players, that are often detrimental to the look of your website, Flash will actually improve the appearance of your site. Available in a variety of web Flash video player skins, you can find the best option for your website.

Do you use a web Flash video player for your website?

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