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According to recent research, using videos can help increase your Google rankings – meaning, you’re more likely to see your site at the top of the search results.  So, how can you use Viewbix to improve those chances even more?

Forrester recommends the following tips and wouldn’t you know it, Viewbix not only follows the advice, it makes it easier for you to do it too!

    • Insert keywords into your video filenames – Not only does your file name have keywords, but you can title your player the same way!


    • Host your videos on YouTube and embed those videos on your own site – Because Google considers how many times a video is viewed, no matter where you embed the video, using Viewbix to distribute your player all across the web (social, onsite and mobile) will ensure your video is being viewed everywhere, and again, every view counts!  No matter where it comes from….


    • Optimize your YouTube videos by writing keywords into your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags – Those keywords automatically appear in your Viewbix player and, you can even add more by editing your details.


    • Create a video library on your site – You can actually use a Viewbix player to host all or some of your YouTube videos.  (See THIS post for more details).

Have any other tips on using video to increase your web presence?  Let us know!

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