Why Landing Pages That Work Have Video

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What you have on your landing page can either make you or break you. Landing pages that work must landing pages that workbe engaging, interesting and should capture the attention of visitors right away. Having a great landing page will ensure that more people take action making it possible for you to meet your company’s goals. Here is a look at why landing pages that work have video.

Include Related Information
Visitors can be linked to your landing page from a variety of places including pay-per-click advertisements, banner ads, email links, video links and blog posts. When visitors click these links and arrive on your landing page they expect to see information related to the ad that led them there. Therefore, when done properly the video on the landing page will be a continuation of the ad and will help them to make an informed decision as to whether or not they business with you.

Instantly Captures Attention
Video is very appealing to consumers and when they are presented with one that is well produced, they will be instantly captivated by it. This is crucial for websites, because you only have a small window of opportunity to capture someone’s attention before they become uninterested or distracted. With a video you can capture their attention right away and maintain it longer.

Simplifies the Information
When given the choice between a 2 minute video or 500 words of written text, most people will choose video. This is because with video they can quickly gather all of the information they need rather than scrolling through numerous paragraphs trying to find key points. Videos also ensure that no necessary information is overlooked and that the consumer walks away with all their questions answered.

Provides a Clear Understanding
It is a known fact that the majority of people are visual learners. Therefore, when you present a video to your visitors they will have a clearer understanding of how exactly your products and services can benefit them. This in turn, will greatly increase the chances of them doing business with you. Moreover, since people are visual learners the video will help them to better retain the information you provide so they will remember to come back to your site later.


Videos are Simple to Sharecustom video landing page
Almost everyone by now has watched a video that has been shared by someone. By adding a video on your landing page, you also can have your video shared by viewers. With the addition of a “share” button on your video they can do this with just a simple click. Video sharing takes marketing to a whole different level. They can be shared on almost every social networking site across the internet. Therefore, placing a video on your landing page makes it possible for your video to potentially reach millions of people. This is definitely something you should take advantage of.

Clear and Simple Call to Action
Your main goal in marketing is to turn the visitor into a customer. Having a video on your landing page takes out all the guesswork for the visitor. Good landing pages that work have a clear and concise call to action which points the viewer in the exact direction they need to go. Whether you want them to make a purchase or sign up for services, you can make it simple for them by making their next step obvious. You can do this several ways including embedded links and pop-out boxes. By making the process simple you will eliminate confusion and clutter. As a result you will increase the likelihood of them taking that next step.

There are many reasons why landing pages that work have videos and not text alone. With a great video on your landing page you can capture attention and maintain it, simplify the call to action and increase your business. What types of landing pages have worked best for you?

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