Market Your Video With A Custom Media Player

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Much like other forms of digital media, video is becoming rapidly popular online and one of the Custom Media Playermost shared types of media on the Internet. Next to blogs and articles on websites, videos can be found anywhere–and not just your average cat videos, either. Even businesses are starting to take notice and started creating videos, beyond the boring sales pitch to find more leads.

However, one of the main drawbacks of using video in your marketing strategy is the sometimes limiting constraints on video players. Vimeo can be slow or unresponsive, but what about a custom media player? Well, now we’re talking.

Having a customized video player means having more control with your videos online, not just a nifty app that can be edited and fit your website’s needs. What exactly can a customized media player do for you? Good question! Here’s a breakdown:

See higher engagement with video

Businesses report higher engagement when they implement a video, according to Forrester. In fact, most websites can see as much as 2 or 3 times the higher click-through rate (CTR) because of video. Obviously it makes sense to use a video–or videos–of your own in order to boost engagement and see people spending more time on your website, which can ultimately lead to more sales and subscribers in the long haul. Although, that video content still has to be engaging and shareable, so it’s only a part of the whole grand scheme of media players.

Get more subscribers (and leads) from videos

Want to boost up your subscriber list organically, but don’t know what exactly to do? Put a video on it! More specifically, start utilizing video with a custom media player on your website, your Facebook and Twitter, anywhere your brand can be found. The goal is to make it known that you have video content and it is easily accessible and can be shared throughout all of the major networks by people. The next part would be to make sure it is very easy to subscribe to your website, newsletter, or video content.

Video is a perfect fit for social media strategies

While lots of professionals focus on the metrics and status updates of social networking sites, they normally don’t take in the big picture and forget to use all of the tools offered to them. This also includes video in a social media campaign, because video is going to shoot that ROI up and really make your social media efforts go viral.Clickable Video

Need a content marketing strategy? Start with video

Not only does video benefit social media platforms, it is also a great core base for a brand new content marketing campaign for your company, and using a custom media player can definitely help with that. Of the most shared type of content, video is one of the top three next to pictures and articles. Have all of your bases covered on this one.

Relying on YouTube or Vimeo can work out in the short-term, but many businesses utilize their own customized media player in order to develop and share their videos because of the near limitless options for them. Keep your competitive edge with great video content, personalized just for your customers. Do you think video is important in digital marketing?


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