My Viewbix Video is Embedded on My Site, Now How Do I Get Rid of Your Landing Page?

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OK, full disclosure:  Today’s post deals with a Viewbix feature that is only available with our Pro plan.  This is not a sales pitch, but the answer to a question that has continuously been emailed to us.  Having said that, whether you are a non-user, Basic user or Pro plan user, this information can be helpful when deciding how to use our platform.

So, the title of this blog post pretty much says it all, but just to make it clear, the question is (in one form or another), “I have the Viewbix video player embedded on my website, but when I share on Facebook, the link redirects to a Viewbix landing page.  How do I get rid of that?”

Don’t worry, we’re not offended.  We understand that you want to keep your branding intact and that’s why we support the option to redirect to your video embedded website.  Allow me to explain.

After you’ve added your custom branding, your video CTA link, your apps – or video buttons – and saved it all, you’ll find yourself on the “publish” page of the Viewbix studio.

Publish Page

In the top left corner, next to the Facebook logo, is clickable text, “options.”

When you click that, a dialogue box will appear that prompts you to enter the URL where you would like to redirect to:

Redirect Link

Enter the URL (please note the space in the example below is to protect our “secret sauce!”) and then click the “Get Code” button.  This is how you will get the additional embed code – or OG tags – to add to your own website:

OG Tags

Once you click on that embed code, it will be copied to your clipboard and you’ll need to add that to your own website, between the <head> tags:


Now, you have a social video marketing tool that’s ready to be shared on Facebook.  Simply use the link to which you would like to redirect to and post it!

Facebook Feed

There, on the left hand side, is the Viewbix player that can play right in the Facebook feed, or, if the link is clicked, will play on your custom landing page:

Custom Landing Page

Next week, I’ll show you another Viewbix feature that can make this social video marketing tool even MORE powerful… if you can believe it!

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