How One Non-Profit Increased Donations by 6000% in 4 Days

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How One Non-Profit Increased Donations by 6000% in 4 DaysIn this age of inbox overload, the key to a successful email marketing campaign is to quickly get grab your subscribers’ attention and to get them to engage with your call to action.

One great way to accomplish this goal is to is to embed a video into your email. Data shows that video emails tend to attract readers and spark engagement in ways that standard text or image emails can’t.

When it comes to fundraising, videos are especially effective, as organizations tend to be marketing an idea, a vision or a good dead, all of which lack the visual images that are available when marketing a physical product.

With embedded videos, it’s possible to sell a dream in an email campaign. This case study will leave you amazed at the ROI seen by one organization.

Let’s take a look at a private school with a respectable network of supporters that embarked upon an aggressive fundraising campaign. They wanted to raise $3,000 in 8 days (!) to purchase new lighting for their dormitory building.


The school’s initial strategy was to follow classic email marketing tactics, by sending their supporters a well-crafted email including a text link only to a landing page with a ‘standard’ YouTube video.

The results: $50 in two days

But, before the school pulled the plug on their lighting fundraiser, they decided to resend the email, this time using our Viewbix player to embed their video directly into the email and include a call to action button directly in the video so that readers could take direct and immediate action.

The results: $3,000 in 4 days!


What made the difference?

In campaigns like this, one could argue that sending another email to the same list within a week could be problematic – it could alienate readers, yield a low open rate or even cause people to unsubscribe because they don’t want to be burdened with too many emails.  The shocking success of this adjusted campaign indicates that with the right content, even a repetitive email can be wildly successful.

Here are some takeaways:

1) Embedding video into an email: In general, people don’t like to read too much but they’re always interested in watching a good video. Integrating video into an email is a great way to attract interest and to get your message heard.

2) Appeal to emotions: Like many purchases, charitable donations are emotionally driven. Embedding the video into the email established a direct affiliation with the cause from the initial point of interaction.  Creating an early visual connection inspires viewers to support the cause.

3) Make the Call To Action easy: Viewbix enabled the school to input a call to action button that linked directly to the donation page, thereby eliminating unnecessary steps in the donation process. People want to donate (or purchase) but don’t want to be bothered if the action requires too many steps.  In other tests we’ve done, having a CTA in the video increases clicks by 400% compared to having a CTA next to video.

4) Change is good: If you try something that doesn’t work, don’t accept failure. Change something in your marketing campaign and try again. As we saw from this case, you might be happily surprised by the results.

When it comes to non-profits, an email with an engaging video and a direct call to action button is a great way to engage your audience, produce measurable results and help your audience see the light.

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  • Mauricio w/ Name Sake Pictures

    That is an amazing result! Can you provide the name of the private school? Are there anymore samples of non-profits that benefited from your product?

    • Benjamin Bernstein

      The private school is a high school in Israel that preferred that their name not be used. As far as seeing non profits that benefited from our product you can visit the Viewbix homepage and scroll to the bottom which includes examples of client testimonials.