Optimize Your Video Marketing With AB Testing

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Videos are a great asset to any company and should be a part of their marketing strategy. However, what might seem like a great video to you, may not be so great to the consumer. This is why it is important to make sure that your video is performing at an optimal level. If it is not, then you can optimize your video marketing by using AB testing.

What is AB Testing?

With AB testing, you make two versions of the same marketing tool to see which of them gets the best conversion results. The marketing tools that you can do these side by side comparisons for could include both websites and videos. add_a_call_to_action_to_your_playlist.jpg

Why Use AB Testing

By doing a side by side comparison of your marketing videos, you will see which version engages the viewer more, which gets shared more often among viewers and which one results in the most sales. Furthermore, AB testing will help you to determine the exact elements in the video that need to be adjusted in order to optimize your video for top performance.

What AB Testing Will Show You
There are many parts of a video that you can test, compare and adjust by using AB testing.

Graphics and Color Schemes
Creating an attention grabbing video is important for marketing. However, you must be careful to not go overboard. AB testing can show you which graphics and color schemes attract the most attention and which tend to run viewers off. This will also show you whether or not your graphics are distracting viewers and keeping them from reaching your end goal.

Music vs Commentary
Deciding whether to use music or commentary for your video may be a difficult choice. With AB testing, you can find out which is best. For example, AB testing may prove that a video made for the purpose of advertising an over-the-counter medication which plays only music, fails in comparison to one with a voice-over.

Call to Action
Having a call to action on your marketing video is a necessity. Some companies use flashing pop-outs for their call to action, while others simply place a link within the video. Depending on your target audience, each of these ideas can work. However, with your product or service you may have a broad audience and determining which method is best could be a challenge. With AB testing you can stop guessing and do what works best for your company.Optimize Your Video Marketing

Video Title
The title you choose for your video is important for gaining the attention of viewers and also for SEO purposes. If you are torn between two titles, then you can use AB testing to make the choice for you. With it, you can find out which title gives you the greatest results both for SEO and views.

Video Content
There are many ways that you can advertise a product. You can make it comical, straight forward or very unique. AB testing is a great tool to use to find out which version of the content gets the most attention. In fact, if you are aiming to make your video go viral then AB testing could help you get there as well.

Whichever elements you would like to test, you can optimize your video marketing with AB testing. Your video does not have to be just another marketing video. With AB testing you can give your video the push it needs to make your company stand out from the rest. Have you used AB testing before?

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