New Features: Introducing Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll Video Email Forms

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As we enter 2014, we’ve been working hard to make Viewbix even better for you and I’m excited to share some big news.

After listening to feature requests from many of our customers, we are happy to be announcing our new Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll features to help you capture more email leads and sales from your videos.

The pre-roll feature allows you to add an email form (or any of our marketing tools) to the beginning of your videos. This way you can force viewers to enter their email before they get to watch your awesome content. Mid-roll is equally powerful and lets you add an email form at any point during the middle of your video (check out the example in the video above). With both mid-roll and pre-roll you can also choose to make the email form optional so that viewers have the option to skip the signup if they want.

A recent study from Akamai technologies showed that mid-roll is the most effective place to put ads in your videos. In their study, they found that an incredible 97% of video viewer completed a desired action in a mid-roll ad (versus 74% and 45% for pre-roll and post-roll, respectively).

Pre-roll and mid-roll are only available to customers with Platinum accounts, so upgrade today to start capturing more leads from your Viewbix videos.

Looking for some ideas to get more ROI from your mid-roll and pro-roll apps? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

5 tips for pre and mid-roll video ads

1. Use Pre-Roll For Gating Valuable Content

If your video provides the user with content he really needs such as a “How To Video” (for example: how to remove a virus from my PC) using a gated pre-roll ad asking for the user’s email address will have a very high completion rate. Because the viewer is expecting to receive valuable information, asking for an email is a small price to pay for the knowledge they anticipate that you are going to provide.

2. Use a “Cliff Hanger Effect” with Gated Mid-Roll Ads

TV series will frequently end an episode on a cliff hanger to leave viewers wanting more and now with Viewbix, you can use the same effect in your video. If you have a video giving someone 3 tips on a certain topic, use a mid-roll lead generation form to gate the 3rd tip and only allow people to see it once they have entered their email address.

3. Get More Social Followers

Have you just provided someone with some valuable info? Add a mid-roll directly afterwards and get people who like your content to “Like” you on Facebook or follow  you on Twitter. The “effect” on the user is twofold; first he will want to thank you by liking your page and will also be interested in having your valuable content in his newsfeed.

4. Use Whitepapers and Video Ads For Lead Generation

Want to incentivize your users to sign up for your email lists? Add a mid or pre roll lead generation form offering your viewers a free report or whitepaper. First, set up an autoresponder that immediately sends your free report to new subscribers. Now, people who sign up for your list will automatically receive your report, giving them access to your valuable information and giving you a new quality lead in the process.

5. Add Special Offers To Product With a Promo

If you are selling a product, using mid-roll billboard ad in your video offering a special offer or coupon can be very effective. By creating a special offer that is time sensitive, viewers will be anxious to grab your deal and your CTR will spike.

Do you have any questions about how to use pre-roll and mid-roll with your Viewbix videos? Leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll answer ASAP.

Don’t have a Platinum Viewbix account with the pre/mid roll features yet? Click here to upgrade or create your new account today.

For instructions on how to use this feature click here

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  • Infotainer

    In the demo video above- you have the sign up form- and in the lower right corner it has “skip” can the skip be turned off? so that the only way to get access to the video is to sign up?

    • Dani Waxman

      Sure. on certain apps, such as mail forms, you can choose whether to allow a user to skip the pre/mid-roll or if he has to fill out the form to see the video (this is commonly called “gating”.

      • Infotainer

        thats a very nice feature

  • James Anderson

    Watching on ipad and doesn’t seem to work….?

    • Benjamin Bernstein

      The feature isn’t yet available on mobile but will be very soon