Pros and Cons of YouTube Video Hosting

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Online video has become synonymous with YouTube. Its size and high profile make it an obvious consideration for hosting your business videos. It should come to no surprise that YouTube proudly sits at the top of the video marketing revolution.

But is hosting videos on YouTube the best option for your business?

Here’s are the pros and cons of YouTube hosting to allow you to come to the best conclusion for your business needs.


1. Free High Quality Hosting

Clearly, the free, high quality video hosting solution that YouTube offers makes it extremely attractive to small and medium size businesses. With unlimited video storage, hosting on YouTube is an obvious advantage. Even with the free option, companies have a limited capability to customize its look and feel to reflect your existing company brand. These points may be important considerations if you are concerned about budget and flexibility.

2. Ease of Uploading, Embedding, and Sharing

Another primary advantage for using YouTube as a video hosting solution is the ease of uploading new content. Once uploaded, YouTube offers multiple embedding and sharing options to make distribution of new content relatively stress free.

3. Popularity and Searchability

With an estimated 450 million unique, monthly visitors worldwide, it’s almost impossible not to consider YouTube for your video-marketing campaign. This type of popularity makes YouTube one of the most visited sites on the web, and certainly the number one video hosting site in terms of traffic. YouTube has the added distinction of being owned by Google, so it probably doesn’t hurt to have video content that’s indexed by the world’s largest search engine. In other words, you’ll likely increase the odds of your video being seen if you host it on YouTube.

Even with all the great advantages hosting video content on YouTube offers, there are still some limitations that require consideration.

Here are the cons of hosting videos on YouTube.

1. Poor Customization and Branding Options

The main issue companies have with YouTube video hosting is its limited customization and branding options for a player. While some minor tweaks are available, the YouTube player is not design rich. You can pick up a design out of several templates. But if your company is looking to maximize its brand equity with an exclusive player, then YouTube may not be the right video hosting choice.

2. Ugly Annotations and Links

A close second in the gripes against YouTube video hosting is the inability to include effective links or calls to action in the video. Other than the annotations, attempting to drive customers to a company site via YouTube content is extremely difficult. This limitation, can have a direct impact on the effectiveness and ROI of driving leads and sales from videos.

3. Ads and Overlays

Finally, by default, videos that are hosted on YouTube include advertising overlaid on all video content, essentially reducing the professional quality of video content. YouTube can feature advertisements around a company’s videos that may include content from direct competitors. These may appear in the “related videos” section, in the “promoted videos” ads, overlay ads, and sometimes as banner ads. Because advertising appears in every video on YouTube (to support the free application), customers may be distracted by these ads. Remember to opt out of the advertising when uploading a video on YouTube.

When choosing the best platform to host your business videos, consider the goal of your campaign (views vs. engagement), your budget, and your brand itself. YouTube may be the most suitable option, but by adding the Viewbix player, a company can leverage the hosting advantages of YouTube and while leveraging the marketing tools that account for all of YouTube’s limitations. In either case, your business will benefit from being part of the vastly popular, online video movement.

What are your experiences hosting your business videos with YouTube?

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