So You Have a New Video: What’s Next?

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Creating a video is a great achievement, but it’s just the start. If you really want to profit from the effort you have made, there’s lots more to do. After all, all the marketing stats show that online video is watched by millions daily and you definitely want a piece of that action. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your new video.

1. Distribute It Widely

You’re obviously going to upload your video to YouTube, which is most people’s default destination for online video.  But don’t let that stop you from hosting your video on other video sites and taking advantage of some of the benefits they have to offer. Here are some of the options:

  • It’s probably worth your while to get a free account on Vimeo, which comScore lists as one of America’s top video sites. If you’ve been watching online video for a while, it’s probably the second most recognizable name. Even with a free account you can upload one HD video weekly and business accounts are not too expensive.
  • Upload your video to a photo sharing site that accepts videos. Flickr is an obvious choice because of its huge user base, but there’s also Photobucket, too.
  • Upload your video to Slideshare. Though it’s mainly a presentation site, it does accept videos and has become a popular marketing site.
  • Include a link to your video in your next email marketing message.
  • Embed the video on your own website and add a link to it in your email signature, a powerful promotional tool.

2. Share on Social Media

While you’re obviously going to share the link to your YouTube or Vimeo video via your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts, you can do more to make social media sharing more effective. Here are some tips:

  • Ensure that you have linked your Google+ and YouTube accounts so that every new video appears on the YouTube tab of your Google+ profile. More people are using Google+ than ever before so this could win you some new viewers.
  • Don’t just post the link; add context to your video when you post on social media – your commentary makes it even more appealing to potential viewers.
  • As mentioned in our post on video hacks, you can add your video to a public playlist on YouTube to get more views, as well as link it to others as part of a series.
  • Use a site like to create a list of videos around a particular theme, including your latest one. The more people view and vote it up, the more views you will get.
  • Consider using your existing video as part of a hangout on air. This is Google’s excellent alternative to Skype which essentially turns you into a broadcaster. As part of that you can share videos with people on the call.  As a bonus, all hangouts on air are recorded to YouTube, creating more views for both videos.

3. Repurpose Creatively

Repurposing is a marketer’s friend. Though we often think of it in relation to written content, it works just as well for creating something new from your existing video content. Here are some ways to do that (and remember, always link back to the original video to help users to discover it).

  • Extract the audio from it to create a podcast. If it’s a long video, then you may be able to use it as is. Alternatively, use a tool like Audacity to create a professional podcast that includes the audio from a series of short videos, along with an intro and outro. Some people prefer podcasts and this could provide a new audience for your video content.
  • Include your video in a PowerPoint presentation (or convert it completely) so you can share it on other sites. Don’t forget that you will need to overlay the key points as text over your slides.
  • Use the video as the focus of a webinar, and encourage people to discuss the topic further.
  • Take a transcript of your video and turn it into a blog post that links back to your video. You could also upload it to a site like Scribd, turn it into slides or Slideshare – the possibilities are endless.

The point is to reach your audience in multiple places with the content that most appeals to them. In the long run, this will increase visibility for your videos.

4. Create Something New

Still on this subject, your video is a great starting point for other shareable marketing material that enhance your connection with your audience and encourage more people to watch your video. Here are some suggestions.

  • Extract quotes from your video and make them into graphics that you can use on Pinterest and Instagram, and can upload to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
  • Do the same with a funny still, put a caption on it and share. You never know; you might start a meme.
  • If your video is data heavy, then extract the data to create an infographic which you can share on infographics sites.
  • Use a video editing tool to extract a 15 second snippet that you can upload to Instagram – don’t forget to tag it properly to really boost those video views.
  • Create a Vine promo for your new video.
  • Make something new from your video on a site like Animoto, where you can extend it by adding themes, photographs and other media.

Finally, VidCaster makes an excellent suggestion which works well for longer videos. Since your video will cover several points, pick a different point as the starting point for a new video, and repeat until you have a whole series.

Distribution, social sharing, repurposing and creating something new will help your video get more views and achieve its aims for attention, authority and sales. What strategies have you found effective for extending the reach of your video?

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