Want To Own Your Video Content? Add A Logo To Video For Better Marketing


Video Marketing is one of the most effective strategies available for advertising. However, with each video you produce it is important that you specify that the video is from your company. As a business owner you need to own your videos. When you add a logo to video content, you can accomplish … [Read more...]

What To Look For In The Best Video Marketing


As with all things in life, there are better ways and worse ways to engage in video marketing.  It’s an extremely powerful all-around tool:  The equipment is now cheap enough for most enterprises to afford, YouTube provides a common space for uploading and sharing videos, and you can potentially … [Read more...]

Be In The Know With Social Video Marketing


So, how social are your videos, really? Everyone wants to get in on social video marketing. Video is shared through social outlets at truly astounding rates. Several years' worth of video is watched via Facebook every day, and having someone Tweet about a video pretty much guarantees more views. … [Read more...]

How Can Affiliate Video Marketing Benefit You?


Consumers are naturally attracted to watching videos, so it is surprising that affiliate video marketing is a segment of the media that has not yet been extensively used for monetization purposes by many companies. This means affiliate marketers who are considering trying video have a lot to gain. … [Read more...]