How To Market Your Business Video Effectively

One of the more aggravating things about online marketing is how self-referential it all becomes. It's now not enough to create marketing tools. You have to, basically, market your marketing. It's counter-intuitive, but marketing online is like competing against a never ending parade of ballyhoo … [Read more...]

Get More Sales For Your Youtube Video Using Shoppable Video

shoppable video

Google recently announced that it was allowing some of their channels to add calls to action to video. By allowing brands to create a shoppable video, brands will be able to embed a call to action to their video and enable viewers who are already engaged in the video to take instant purchase and … [Read more...]

4 Benefits To Using Real Estate Video Marketing


Today real estate video marketing is essential for any realtor looking to improve their lead generation and sales . Sure, pictures can for sure help make that final sale, but sometimes the customer might need a little bit of extra convincing in order to be wooed from their hesitancy and video can be … [Read more...]

3 Ways Social Video Marketing Can Help You


These are exciting times to be in Internet marketing! As the Internet grows and matures as a medium, marketers are seeing new opportunities everywhere. People keep finding new ways to connect with each other and share information, which means we've got great new opportunities to connect with those … [Read more...]

How Will Creating Videos Help Your Business?


Those who have recently started an online business are moving into one of the most crowded, noisy, and interesting new areas of business ever created. The rules of business on the Internet are significantly different than in the physical world, especially when it comes to how you advertise and … [Read more...]

Video Player Generator: It Should Be A Priority


When marketing for your business, there are some ideas which are optional. Then there are others which should be a priority. One of which is using a video player generator. There are several reasons as to why this is crucial for your internet video marketing needs. Video Player … [Read more...]

The Purpose In Using An FLV Video Player


When operating a business, you want the best when it comes to video marketing. As you know, one very important aspect of the video is the video content itself. This is what gets your name and services out there for the world to see. However, there is one other aspect of the video that is equally as … [Read more...]

How To Customize Your Youtube Embedded Player


When companies new to the Internet start to look into using video marketing techniques, most quickly discover the bebefits that follow when they embed the latest youtube video in their site. It's common for them to worry that it's a difficult or cumbersome process. After all, ten years ago, it … [Read more...]

Be In The Know With Social Video Marketing


So, how social are your videos, really? Everyone wants to get in on social video marketing. Video is shared through social outlets at truly astounding rates. Several years' worth of video is watched via Facebook every day, and having someone Tweet about a video pretty much guarantees more views. … [Read more...]

Don’t Just Add A Video Player To Your Website, Add Your Website Into Your Video Player


All of the elements of a website need to be able to work together, otherwise you have a buggy website that people don't want to deal with. The same can be said about the content found on the website--if it doesn't work together to help your business, why even bother with the content at all? This … [Read more...]