Personally Customize A Youtube Embed For Your Business


Branding and branded content are continuing to dominate the Internet with its strong presence of high quality and inexpensive marketing for all kinds of businesses out there. Companies are able to take their online advertising budget and create personalized landing pages, e-books, web apps, and even … [Read more...]

What Do You Use A Customize Youtube Embed For?


The use of video on websites has gone through a strange back-and-forth since the 1990s. When the Internet first boomed, companies that could immediately started embedding video onto their sites. Unfortunately, the results just weren't very impressive. You just got grainy, low-quality video … [Read more...]

4 Reasons To Add A Youtube Video To Facebook Page


Any company involved in Internet marketing should already be utilizing both YouTube and Facebook; however, there is a tendency to keep these two social media accounts separated, as if they were distinct and unconnected. Combining the two strategies is not only very easy, it can help you save time … [Read more...]

Make It All Connect With A Customized Youtube Embed


To compliment all of your blogging and article efforts online, maybe it is time to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that implements pictures and video. In particular, online video is rapidly becoming a go-to staple for any content strategy, mostly for its ease of use and easy access … [Read more...]

Market Your Video With A Custom Media Player


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How To Use Internet Video Marketing


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3 Ways To Build Your eBay Store Using Video Marketing


Whether you're only an occasional seller, or one of those people whose eBay store is their main source of income, you know that getting visitors to bid at all is generally the hardest part of your eBay promotions. However, did you know that online video marketing is a great way to boost the … [Read more...]

Don’t Redirect Users With Embedded YouTube Videos!


Once again, with full disclosure and a continuation of another topic: ┬áToday's post deals with a Viewbix feature that is only available with our Pro plan. This is not a sales pitch, but the answer to a question that has continuously been emailed to us. ┬áHaving said that, whether you are a non-user, … [Read more...]