Add video to eBay Auctions to Increase Engagement

When you sell items on eBay, you want them to sell quickly. The best way to do this is to add video to eBay auctions. Videos are by far the most convincing way to represent and sell a product. When you add video to eBay you will gain the buyer's attention, increase engagement and obtain more views. … [Read more...]

What Are The Different Ways To Add A Call To Action To Your Playlist?


A video playlist is an excellent marketing strategy used to introduce a company and showcase it's products and services. Playlists are great for grouping similar product advertising and for breaking up longer videos into segments. They also help in reducing the likelihood of viewers becoming … [Read more...]

Using Effective Video Marketing As Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

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So, the other day I was thinking about just how easy it is to get people on the Internet to experience marketing in a variety of ways. After all, it used to be that offline marketing efforts were pretty self-contained. I was trying to think of good examples of cross-media marketing in the past, … [Read more...]