4 Benefits To Using Real Estate Video Marketing


Today real estate video marketing is essential for any realtor looking to improve their lead generation and sales . Sure, pictures can for sure help make that final sale, but sometimes the customer might need a little bit of extra convincing in order to be wooed from their hesitancy and video can be … [Read more...]

How To Customize Your Youtube Embedded Player


When companies new to the Internet start to look into using video marketing techniques, most quickly discover the bebefits that follow when they embed the latest youtube video in their site. It's common for them to worry that it's a difficult or cumbersome process. After all, ten years ago, it … [Read more...]

Be In The Know With Social Video Marketing


So, how social are your videos, really? Everyone wants to get in on social video marketing. Video is shared through social outlets at truly astounding rates. Several years' worth of video is watched via Facebook every day, and having someone Tweet about a video pretty much guarantees more views. … [Read more...]

6 Results To Expect When You Add A Youtube Video To Facebook


You are missing out on huge opportunities to reach customers if you are only using text status updates and posting text based articles on Facebook. Videos should not only be a part of your company's social media strategy, you should also ensure that you always add a YouTube video to Facebook to … [Read more...]

Friday Fun With Videos – Chapter One

It's hot, the economy is iffy, t he world is crazy and we're all working on Friday.  So, let's take a minute (or several) to enjoy ourselves in the greatness that is online video.  Some of the following picks are pretty popular right now, or just might be an oldie, but goodie that you … [Read more...]