What You Should Know With Social Video Marketing


In the world of internet video marketing, most companies see "going viral" as the holy grail and the prize they need to strive for. It's like the advertising equivalent of winning the lottery: crafting a marketing message that's so well-loved that people voluntarily share it with each other by the … [Read more...]

7 Tools For Internet Video Marketing


You've got yourself some great video content on the Internet but aren't seeing the numbers you'd like to see with them. Instead of giving up completely on video, maybe it's time to consider some new tips to make sure your videos are being watched, shared, and bringing in new business for … [Read more...]

How-To Make Great How-To Marketing Videos

In a recent blog post I wrote about what kind of videos you can produce to help promote your business.  One of those suggestions was "how-to" videos and now here's a closer look at some best practices. Ask the Experts: My business is video, video marketing and video interaction.  I don't know much … [Read more...]