Increase Your Internet Traffic With A Clickable Video


A lot of folks don't stop to think about this, but we're now living in a real era of Interactivity. People around the world have access to more information, from more sources, in more different forms than ever before. Nowadays, it's not just enough to simply experience something - people want to … [Read more...]

Promote Your Business With Video Promotions


These days, everyone's jumping on the video bandwagon, and it's easy to see why. Video production has become accessible to virtually anyone with a modern "smart" device or digital camera, and plenty of cheap or free software for editing and effects is out there for the taking. Video promotions used … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips For Politicians Using Video Promotions This Election


Since the birth of broadcast video, it's been among the most important and influential parts of virtually any political campaign. From the infamous "Daisy" Presidential spot, to the game-changing Kennedy-Nixon Debate, to the current deluge of online political ads, Internet video promotions should be … [Read more...]

The New York Yankees And Start Up’s.


It’s almost comical to use the New York Yankees and start up’s in the same sentence. The Yankees are one of the oldest and most valuable sports franchises in the world, worth well over 1.5 Billion Dollars! However being a die hard Yankee fan, I couldn’t help but think about the connection between … [Read more...]

Want To Help Your Nonprofit Marketing? Try Social And Clickable Videos


Here's a real stumper for you: what sort of marketing will convince people to voluntarily GIVE their money away? I have huge loads of respect for people who work in nonprofit marketing. I really do. I mean, it's hard enough to convince people these days to buy things, but most nonprofits are … [Read more...]

Creating Videos? How Do You Market Them?


Everything you create for your business needs to be front and center of many people to be enjoyed and bring in more customers for you. Whether it is pictures, written content, or even video everything needs to be marketed in a way to bring in new leads and revenue. With images and articles, it's … [Read more...]