What Nonprofit Marketing Will Do For Your Company


One of the major pitfalls of nonprofits is the ability to make sure your cause is being marketed properly so it can make sure it is getting the engagement, reach, and donations it needs to stay active. However, like with most services that deal with business, marketing costs money--sometimes quite a … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Make Use Of Non Profit Marketing


All sorts of people can use video marketing online, not just content creators and businesses. In fact, tons of non profits and interest groups are taking advantage of video increasingly each year to spread their message online and be able to help their cause. If you're still wondering how your non … [Read more...]

Get Your Name Out There With Non Profit Marketing


When it comes to non profit organizations, there are already lots of responsibilities to be taken care of--on top of tasks such as marketing and advertising to make sure you can get the recognition and donations your non profit need. However, non profit marketing doesn't necessarily have to mean big … [Read more...]

Want To Help Your Nonprofit Marketing? Try Social And Clickable Videos


Here's a real stumper for you: what sort of marketing will convince people to voluntarily GIVE their money away? I have huge loads of respect for people who work in nonprofit marketing. I really do. I mean, it's hard enough to convince people these days to buy things, but most nonprofits are … [Read more...]