Social Video Marketing: How It’s Changing The Industry


We've all grown accustomed to all sorts of viral videos invading our Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and having a YouTube timeline full of cute cat videos, Gangnam Style parodies, and other entertaining clips to get us by in life. However, businesses are increasingly understanding and unlocking the … [Read more...]

Using Effective Video Marketing As Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

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So, the other day I was thinking about just how easy it is to get people on the Internet to experience marketing in a variety of ways. After all, it used to be that offline marketing efforts were pretty self-contained. I was trying to think of good examples of cross-media marketing in the past, … [Read more...]

The Power of Social Media

Recently, I experienced a small lesson in just how powerful social media really is. There are tons of articles detailing how companies are wrestling with how much attention to pay to social media, meaning, how effective is it really? As a CEO of a hi-tech startup, and a consumer, I can officially … [Read more...]